The greenhouse chronicals …and other random crap.

The greenhouse chronicals …and other random crap.

I want to add pictures here…I really do. But it’s late and I am pretty sure the opportunity for any decent photos has long since past.

So I will write this tonight but post it tomorrow.

Then you will have pics. I will put them in right here….









































This is good. It’s Thursday, no one wants to think that hard this late in the week.

I speak for myself.

It’s been a long week.

I’m tired…

The drama factor could be close to sky high if you give into it at any moment…but I refuse to go there.

I mean I want to…but I won’t.

Just lets say my blogging is about to change.

I know that sucks a little. But it is what it is.

Life changes. Situations call for a change in venue. That is where I am at.

I am not even really sure I know what that means yet. I just know my life is different now.

I have someone else to think about. Someone else’s feelings to take into consideration. So the blog I would normally post today isn’t going to be what I actually do post.

I know that makes no sense to some of you, and that’s ok.

I am filtering. Boring for sure.

But I think it is for the best.

Sometimes it is better if life is kept real. Without the internet and all its interference. And bullshit.

I don’t want to play. Refuse to play.

My territory has been treaded on a little. I am territorial. It won’t end well.

For the other party.

Just saying.

So I will back away quietly.

Knowing that I am secure in my life and everything that is my truth…that is all that really matters.

All of the outside shit…is just that.

And none of it matters in the big picture.

So let’s just all live our lives and stay the hell out of other people business shall we?

I mean you seriously don’t want me blogging about you, do you??

Ya…that’s what I thought.

Happy summer luvvies xoxo


11 thoughts on “The greenhouse chronicals …and other random crap.

  1. Stacy McAllister

    Don’t matter if they sometimes don’t make sense. You have a good bunch of pictures of your greenhouse, it’s what matters.

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  3. Vanessa Moore

    It is great to promote greener environment. The greenhouse is really nice. Looking the plants and vegetables make me feel that it is nice seeing green colors.

  4. Alen Erina

    Crap? At least someone is trying for a Greener world. It’s amazing. And I like the way you love yourself. Thus self-respect is very much essential for glowing one’s personality.

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