Camping…chapter three.

Camping…chapter three.

We survived the night. In spite of Bruce’s bear sighting and the drive-by horn honker at 7:30 in the morning.

It is amazing here and we by far have the most kick ass campsite.

We had a wee run in with the conservation officer….and by that I mean we had to talk to him.

We have pretty much managed no other human contact.

Bruce went fishing for a minute this morning. He caught the bottom.

He is gonna try again later.

We are right now cruising for wood. I am happy to report that it is hard to find due to the lack of clear cutting. Where we are is lush and beautiful.

With a outhouse…


…of our very own. It comes with the campsite. I added flowers. Because I am a freak and I can.

And I may have been drinking in the afternoon yesterday.

The dogs are like ten year olds. They look at us like we should be giving them something to do because they are bored.

Odie has given up.


And it may just start raining. There has definitely been no chance of a sunburn this trip.

Which in turn means that you will have to come back again tomorrow, to see if we go home or not.

Happy Canada day friends…even though by the time you read this, it will be no longer.


8 thoughts on “Camping…chapter three.

  1. Steve

    Wow, I haven’t been around here in SOOOOO long. Looks like you’ve definitely found a nice, desolate, people-free place. Sounds great! Looks like you’re having fun, other than the rain mentioned in chapter four! Hope you’re well

  2. Andy Staunt

    Is this your lavatory at the camp site. Having lavatory in the camp site is good since you don’t have problem anymore where to go. Your camp site is really fantastic and there are many things to do there.

  3. Taylor

    Wow. That campsite looks gorgeous. I love camping but really don’t care for most of the provided restrooms. However, I really like that outhouse. It sorta reminds me of a small house. I love the flowers. The only thing missing is a skylight. :)

  4. MOM

    Love the two pair of sunglasses, one on his forehead and one on his eyes, Just struck me as funny, almost as bad as your dad wearing hid reading glasses for sun glasses and not even realizing it until I pointed it out, talk about details, LOL
    Love you guys, Mom

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