Camping…chapter two.

Camping…chapter two.

So today…we leave early. We have breakfast and coffee. We make a plan.

We stick to plan.

In less than an hour, we find this….





















Bruce actually says out loud….”well it’s the first place.”

He says it. Out loud.

We look at each other and immediately back the truck up. I might have suggested it.

It doesn’t matter. It rocks here.

Right now I am totally alone. In the bush…with my very own freaking outhouse.

Bruce went to get some wood.

I hear a river running and occasionally a truck will go by.

Mostly its quiet.

I honestly never want to leave here right now.

Because look at our bed…













…which isn’t blown up all the way yet. The bed I mean…

And you have to love a good Scooby doo blanket while you have the chance.

Our dock needs a bit of work…













But for now it is a good place to soak the corn.

I scared the bejesus out of five baby ducks…they scurried across the water so fast there was no chance of a picture … I am sure they will be back though.

So a couple more shots of the campsite for ya…and then I am cooking a hot dog and reading a book…




























Happy camping folks!!






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