Now I am not one to sing…

Now I am not one to sing…

Anyone close to me knows that, well at least that they don’t want to hear me sing…but today I am going to sing the praises of a product that I adore. Actually several of them, but they are all made in the same place.

A few months ago, I won a gift pack from Elizabeth’s Daughter.

Now at first I was like…sweet!! I never win anything. Ever.

First bonus.

Then I got the product in the mail.

Second bonus.

This. stuff. ROCKS.

I use it every single day, and I love it!

The one thing my whole life I have always been on top of…is moisturizing my skin. There is nothing sexier or that will make you feel as good about yourself as having clear, soft skin…right?

I have tried hundreds of products and spent thousands of dollars on different moisturizers and skin cleansing gels in my time.

The search for me is over.

I know it sounds like an ad on tv…but you know me right? I am not easily convinced of gimmicks and if it isn’t amazing you will never hear about it from me.

You are gonna hear about this though :)

So firstly…the Purifying mask.

The only thing I can say is Oh My God.  My skin feels amazing after I use this. Like it takes ten years off of me.

And I am old.

I put it on in the shower, and leave it on the whole time I am in there. By the time I am finished, it has done it’s magic, rinse…beautiful.

Second product is the face cleanser. Now I will admit, I had this in the cupboard for ages before I used it. I usually use Dexidin for my skin because I break out. I ran out.

I thought…hmmm, I should really try the gel cleanser in the cupboard.


My skin feels clean and soft. Unheard of really, it is usually clean and tight right?

Now my second favorite of all the products (the mask takes first place for sure!!)

The moisturizer…

SPF 15, and my skin feels incredible. I use this every. single. day.

I have used so many different daily moisturizers and I have to say this is absolutely my favorite of all time. I wouldn’t care if it was $100 a bottle. I would pay.

Luckily it’s not. The prices are amazing, and this product lasts forever, you barely need any to cover your skin.

I am very soon in the market for more…

They have other stuff too, I am sure it is all amazing…you really need to go and look…

If you want more info about Elizabeth’s Daughter…you can go here:

Follow them on Twitter…

Find them on Facebook…

Or go to their website…

Seriously, check it out, you won’t regret it, and you will have amazing skin!!!

Happy summer loves…


4 thoughts on “Now I am not one to sing…

  1. Richard Wiseman

    It’s been raining in the UK non stop for two months so I couldn’t get any more moist than I am, but thanks for the tip; I’ll tell my wife, though quite sensibly she is dubious about anything I suggest; married fourteen years so she’s aware of what an idiot I am!On the singing front my voice is so bad my wife and kids have banned me from singing ever, though I lock the bathroom door and sing ‘Day Dream believer’ in the shower and they can’t stop me!

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