Back from the nearly dead…

Back from the nearly dead…

I was on a roll. I had the photo challenge lined up and I was going to be faithful. I still am, really. There has just been a bit of a burp in the proceedings is all.

Like I thought I might die. For the last three days.

I got back from holidays and went to work on Wednesday, at about lunch time I said to the girl I was working with that I felt like I had a stitch in my side. As the day progressed, so did the pain.

Now if I was normal human being I would have gone to the walk in clinic right after work, but I am not. I am a stubborn cow that just figures it is nothing and I will miraculously wake up better.

I didn’t.

I was in emergency at 6 am. Dying.

Ok…no I wasn’t but it felt like it.

I should have actually gone about 3 am, but again the stubborn thing came into play, and I just didn’t have the heart to wake Bruce up or the energy to actually get my possibly dying ass out of bed.

So I waited.

Apparently according to the emergency room greeter dude, or I guess nurse…I made the right choice.  He said they were insane at 3 am.

He was also trying to be funny and light, which when you feel like you are dying, is probably greatly under appreciated. Actually to be honest, it was just pissing me off.

I wanted a doctor and drugs and to be back in bed. I didn’t really give a damn how funny he was.

He then felt it necessary to slam me in the back, right where it hurt,  just to make sure. It is lucky for him it made me want to cry more than to turn around and punch him in the face, though it did occur to me that that might be an option…not a good one, but I thought about it. Really.

And I was the only person in there. It still took an hour for anyone to see us, because lucky us…we were right in the middle of shift change.

Finally the doctor showed up, barely looked at me, never touched me and declared I had a kidney infection. This was actually a huge surprise to me, because I have had kidney infections before and I always remember there being agony when peeing, and really bad back pain. There was neither of those this time, and I have absolutely no idea what would have caused it. Regardless, that was his diagnosis. There wasn’t much else said, he gave us a prescription and sent us on our way.

Of course nothing was open.

And I was dying.

Now at this point in time just let me say that any man that can deal with me sick has to be tough as fuck or have the patience of a saint. Because when I hurt I am a hard case.

Bruce dropped me off, went back to the pharmacy with my prescription and left me to die.

When he got back, I was still actually alive. He brought me treats…which normally I totally appreciate, but all I could say was where are the drugs, you know, like a crack addict would say. No appreciation no nothin’…

He didn’t have them.

Pardon? I am sure I have five minutes left here until I perish…

The pharmacy must have been filling all the prescriptions from the hospital visitors that were there at 3 am and SAT OUTSIDE THE DOORS waiting for the damn pharmacy to open.

It was going to be 45 minutes.

I tried not to cry, I really did. Just like when we walked into emergency and the funny man asked me what was wrong…I tried not to then either, but I did.

I have a huge tolerance for pain, but there just comes a point where even the toughest of bitches screams give.

It has mostly been uphill from there. I finally got drugs. I am feeling a bit better. I still have some pain in my kidney but the crying has stopped and I might actually get out of bed today.

It’s day four. I am now on my official three days off. I am thinking I am probably not going to get too much accomplished.

And that’s ok…I already missed all the sunny days anyway.

I will get back on track with the Photo challenge tomorrow I promise, maybe even tonight if I actually get up, because you see the next challenge is What did you wear today?

Really wouldn’t be much of a shot at this point, bhahahahah…

Have a healthy Sunday loves…

8 thoughts on “Back from the nearly dead…

  1. marlece

    This is one time I wish I would die, it hurts to have a kidney infection. It’s a scary thing. Get yourself some cranberry pills this will help get things working in right order again.

    So sorry, but glad you are amongst the living again.

  2. Chris

    Poor poor muffin,

    I am so sorry you had to go through that awful ordeal.
    Th pain , the dying, the agony, that not funny guy, the waiting, the dying, loss of sleep. Thank goodness you finally received pain meds before you died-poor thing..
    I truly hope hope your up and around very soon and pain free!


  3. Richard Wiseman

    You did really well if you want my opinion. Women are good with pain so if it makes a woman cry it’s bad. As for the hospital in my experience if it had been a man firstly the man would have been making out his will, filming goodbye videos for Youtube and acting like John Wayne’s buddy with a bullet in him, saying ‘Go on without me and tell momma I did my best..’ Secondly if it had been a man the doctor would have examined him more thoroughly, phoned the pharmacy and told them to prep the drugs ahead of time and have them ready, got the man’s driver a presidential sized police escort to the pharmacy and with a tear in his eye the doctor would have said ‘It’s okay buddy you’re going to make it.’ Then turning to the man’s wife the doctor would have patronizingly said ‘That’s a good man you’ve got there take care of him.’ With the wife looking at the paper cut on the man’s thumb in amazement. Then the doctor would have turned to the next in the queue and seeing it was a woman with an arm torn off by a bear, with her still beating off the bear with a wooden cooking spoon, the doctor, looking at her through binoculars would say ‘You can cope with that, it’s a scratch. He’d give her a prescription for paracetamol and tell her to walk to the pharmacy as the fresh air would do her good. Then he’d see the bear was male and treat the wooden spoon bruises on it’s head tenderly. I’m only kidding… a little. I couldn’t believe how shit they treated my wife when the kids were born and that was female nurses let alone male doctors! I made them give her drugs and generally scared them into being nice to her. Medicine is a sexist public service really it is. You’re lucky you got drugs at all. I hope you’re better and Bruce sounds helpful… ‘That’s a good man you’ve got there… blah blah blah macho bullshit…’

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