Happy Birthday toooo you!!!!

Happy Birthday toooo you!!!!

Happy Birthday toooo you!!!!

Today is the Wee Prince’s birthday. I can’t believe a year has already gone past, or that I am the worst Aunty ever and have only seen him once.

Like seriously I have no idea how I am supposed to be a bad influence with hardly any contact. It is totally going to make it less effective.

Not that the kid needs help, he looks to be getting into things pretty good on his own.

And oh my god…the kid has more than one Holland feature. Hopefully our humor being one of those things or he will be in deep trouble.

Or we are.

Not sure which way that is going to go at this point.

There is still molding and Auntying to do…I will be trying my absolute hardest to get up there this fall.

He is at a good age now, where he can remember things. And I won’t have to give him over because his diaper stinks. He is one, he can deal with that himself now right? Or soon anyways.

I promise you I will make a better Aunty than a mother at this point in my life. Well a mother for babies anyways. It’s funny how you get past the point where you can deal with things like baby poo and crying.

But past it I am.

I makes me tired just thinking about it.

I much prefer being the instigator of trouble making and things you would never teach your own child to do…

My children should be very, very afraid of making me a Grandma…got that boys?

So in closing I would like to say again…

Happy Birthday Wee Prince. I can’t wait to see you again, and get the biggest little boy hug I can get out of you…

Lots of love and kisses…your Aunty Donna xoxo


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