How does your garden grow?

How does your garden grow?

Here at the Castle…it grows like this…























Happy Sunday my friends, xox

12 thoughts on “How does your garden grow?

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  2. Debra Baldwin

    Wow, you have an abundant garden. You have a green palm. I like seeing this beautiful garden. I hope I can make garden like this yet I have problem in my plants because they don’t grow. They just died. My friends of mine told me that I am not a good planter.

  3. JanBierens

    My garden? Well let me put it this way… Kinda ‘wild’. It is bad need of a little weedin’. I just can’t find the time. Plus this is the worst summer here in Holland we had for years!

    1. The Redneck Princess Post author

      Our summer was like that last year. Motivated me twice as much this year, and I have help now which is an amazing amazing thing!!! It is so much more fun with help :)

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