The Ant experience…

The Ant experience…

I know. What the hell is she going on about now right?

Well good question. In this situation it really is.

I was having your typical hung over at work after the girls night staff party day. I was minding my own business weeding the pathway, when I noticed some ants.

That were working far harder than me.

They were itsy bitsy ants. Carrying at least half of their body weight. And I don’t mean carrying stuff for five human feet, it was miles for wee little ants.

I was enthralled with what they were doing.

I followed the trail to where they were headed.

I am still not sure what they were carrying. It almost looked like eggs. They were finding them in the bottom of a pot that contained a Japanese maple tree.

Once they got an egg out of the pot, they started the journey back. It was at least 15 feet to the arbor that goes over the pond. They carried their huge load that far, and then proceeded to go up the arbor. At least another 15 feet. To the top. I couldn’t see where they ended up or what they were doing once they got there, but the sheer amount of distance that they covered was amazing.

It made me tired watching them.

It really made me feel like a lazy cow.

It made me look down when I was walking and make sure I didn’t squish anyone.

It made me realize how many things go on in the world, while we are all in our own little worlds.

It made me realize how my big-to-them shoe could ruin the balance of the little ant world in a split second.

It made me remember when I did acid that time.

It made me remember why I only did acid once.

I am in NO WAY condoning drug use, and don’t recommend you try acid…just saying. And don’t ask me what I am talking about, it won’t make sense to you if you are NOT on acid.

It made me remember why I pretty much NEVER go to work hungover.

I tried to take a picture but for some reason my camera on my phone did NOT want to cooperate and it froze right at the second I needed it to work. I quickly lost interest in trying to make it go. I mean I was at work, and I had just spent five minutes on my hands and knees watching ants. I didn’t want to push my luck.

If I remember tomorrow, I am going to take a picture. I will post it then. I am sure you will be waiting with total anticipation right?

Til then, just remember you aren’t the only ones out there, rushing around trying to get stuff done.

It’s always good to take a second to watch the ants :)

Happy Thursday to you all!!


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