And then there was light…

And then there was light…

And then there was light…

I don’t know why or how. But there is. I think I am finally over the god awful, somewhat Menopause induced funk I have been in. Menopause sucks…just saying.

I tell it off  here and if you haven’t read about it for a while, you should. Because if you are under 40 years old. No one tells you a freaking thing. Or they lie, they say that Menopause is nothing, you can do it if they did. Liars, all of them.

They have a book called What to expect when you are expecting right? It’s a good, helpful book…you get through shit with that book. Same with the follow up one, I can’t remember what it is called because I am pretty sure I wasn’t sleeping at ALL when that book was in use,  but I know it helped somewhat.

So why hasn’t anyone written the book what to expect when your body has a big ass conniption fit??? Huh?? Where are the What to Expect when you are Menopausing books??? If I am missing it, please send me a link, so I  can get enlightened would you?

So back to what I was originally going on about. I feel like I might be returning to being a human being again. One that doesn’t despise everything about myself every second of the day. Thank goodness, it was getting old, for all of us I am sure.

The haircut is what did it. I know that I have been bitching about it. Sorry, I take it all back. Now that I have finally got it figured out, I pretty much love it. I have never had my hair straight before and I am seriously in love with it now. I actually am finding that I only have to wash and style my hair every second day now. Seriously. Why didn’t anyone tell me that straightening my hair would make my life way freaking easier than it has EVER been? And do you have any idea how much money and time that is going to save me??? Loads and eons…

That in itself is a miracle. I will take it.

I also motivated myself to go and buy some new jeans the other day. I bought two pairs, so I now have new boots and pants that fit. And a couple of nice new Superstore t-shirts. Hey, you can’t expect me to change EVERYTHING all at once. And last week I even wore a button up shirt. Seriously, I did.

I also have a tattoo appointment on the 3rd of October, that I think I am going to pass on to Bruce. OUTSIDE VOICE!!!! I know!!!! I seriously have no idea what I would get done. I had a plan, but with a little time and thought have decided that I am not going to get the other tattoo I thought I wanted on my other arm. See why making an appointment far ahead of time is a good thing? Though I do have a bit of touching up to do with the tat I have, but I think I will wait for the November appointment to get that done.

I also think I may need a Pintervention. Though without that website I seriously would still be funking…without a cool haircut and I would more than likely be naked and not motivated. In any way.

Pinterest is like a toy isn’t it? It is like having all the things you love and probably will never really have or do in real life. All in one place. It is visually appealing, motivating and like crack. It gives us stuff to dream about and work towards. And it’s like crack. Only beautiful and all your friends are probably doing it too.

Especially if they are in the beginning stages of Menopause, with no hope or motivation. It could save lives you know…or at least give you a good recipe for dinner or some ideas for great hair or nice nails.

And there is funny stuff, like this…

Right??? Nothing truer has EVER been written. So there is also good advice.

We all need good advice don’t we?

The only thing that worries me, is that it is nearly October, which means I am nearly off work. Which means winter. Which means lifestyle changes. Mind you Bruce is off right now too, so I have a partner in crime, or he will.

Or we will kill each other. Not sure which of those will apply quite yet.

Thank goodness it will be the countdown to Christmas coming up, and we have a few projects to get done before then. And we need more firewood.


I just know I will do it with new hair and some kick ass new clothes. Or in my pajama’s all day. That could so happen.

And I will definitely be blogging again.

Yay…though I have to tell you it won’t be the stuff of last fall, thank god. Someone else will have to post the Plenty of Fish and dating stories…actually, check out this blog 43 & Single Heaven help me I have resorted to Internet dating funny shit. Seriously.

I am not too worried about the subject matter, my life never seems to have a lack of crazy shit to write about.

And I am back…no filter and all.

Sorry Dad.

Happy Thursday!!

2 thoughts on “And then there was light…

  1. Maureen

    I read an earlier version of this book, have referred back to it over the years and I know others who have bought the book and liked it.

    I agree on the sharing information. My mom was 40 years older than me and for whatever reason, never shared how her experience was before she died. Share the information. I have been lucky so far, things have been pretty mild compared to others but I could have used the knowledge and been less stressed about the whole experience so far.

    And I would have known that standing at the door, in the middle of the night when it’s -30 C and I’m having a hot flash and am lightheaded, really isn’t a menopause joke. I have never been more appreciative of our Canadian winters like I was on those nights.

    And Pinterest is one of the best things ever created! I’m sure it will be proven to help us through whatever situation may arise. Sure of it!

    I think I’ll go distract myself for a while. Not an addiction at all. ;)

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