Charlotte and her web…

Charlotte and her web…

The other day at work…suddenly, there were huge spiders and webs everywhere.

Well there was two for sure.

One was monster huge and fairly safe as it was tucked away.

The other…not so much.

I walked into the huge web. With my head.

Now let me just say here, that I have spider terror. Harshly.

I KNOW they are beneficial and I never kill them unless there is some chance of them ending up on my head or in my bed.

So the control I showed after walking through said web was downright fucking heroic.

Thank god the spider was out visiting or something and did not end up entwined in my hair or something equally as traumatic.

But I felt guilty about destroying its web, because it was impressive.

Lo and behold, later that day, I noticed the spider, whom we shall name Charlotte, busily rebuilding the home I had so callously destroyed….

You can’t see the web very well, but she was diligent in the rebuilding. I don’t know how she can get anything done with the constantly barking dogs you can hear in the background. Not only do my neighbors at home have barking dogs…so do the neighbors at work…nice huh?

Unfortunately for Charlotte, in the morning, due to a good wind that night, her new web was once again gone….Wendy found her hanging out in some new digs in the greenhouse later though…

Charlotte was not only a hard worker, but she is smart. We like that in a girl…

Enjoy fall my friends :)

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