It always goes better in my head…

It always goes better in my head…

Don’t ya hate that? I mean it is a pretty standard thing with me. I have a vision in my head with how shit is gonna go, and then it pretty much never does.

With me it has always been that way with fashion.

This week apparently with my hair.

I was sure I was doing the right thing. I thought it out. I envisioned it, I talked it over…

Today, I am thinking not so much. I mean it’s ok. I am not crying or anything, but I have so much hair that having it one length at this length, meh…

I really do better with it long with layers.

Great fucking hindsight now…(sorry Dad)

It will grow, and I will suck it up.

But I mean, don’t ya hate that?

I wonder what makes us envision things to be one way and then they turn out totally differently for real???

I could sure use that 5 cent shrink right now.

I mean it will be fine in the end. Right? You know why?

Because I got new boots…that’s right you heard me.

New boots fix everything don’t they?

I looked at this pair of cowboy boots in my girlfriends second hand store about a month and a half ago.

I loved them…like LOVED them, but they were too much money.

They are black and red…with studs on them. I LOVED them….yes…they are exactly like the picture. Exactly.

So after that long with my early onset of no memory, I had totally forgotten about them.

One day, the love of my life tells me he has bought me a treat…I am like “Nice!!! I love treats!!!”

He said I would need batteries.

Now I was a little thrown, because I have all the treats with batteries that I really need. Enough said.

Then he tried to torture me and make me wait. I wait well, so I said “ok, no problem, let me know when it’s time.”

I am like that at Christmas too, the best part to me is the waiting for it.

Anyways, I digress…

I had also had my eye on this beautiful turquoise ring in Courtenay…same story, too much money. But secretly I was going to go buy it for myself, because folks, TODAY, September the 13th 2012 is my 12th year as a non-smoker. Thank you very much.


When he finally stopped torturing himself, and gave up the present, it was in way too big of a bag. It was nothing I imagined it could be. When I opened the bag and saw the boots, I nearly had a jammer. I really did, and then he told me I had to try them on. I had just painted my toenails dammit, but I did what I was told…there was something in the right one, that wasn’t supposed to be there. Guess what is was…just guess.

Yep, it was the ring.

Now I have to tell you, that over my life with men…which has been varied to say the least. I have very rarely ran into a man that pulled something like that off, for absolutely no reason other than he loved me.

Pretty fucking cool. (Sorry Dad)

So that is how I got new boots. Really cool new boots. I don’t have a picture yet. I suck…So I borrowed it off the internet.

I have been too busy trying to fix my damn hair, and it is still too hot to actually wear the boots. I have the ring on though, and it’s lovely. I don’t have a picture of that either, because of my hair.

I can just blame everything on that for a few months til it grows. I know it will be fine once I get a bit more length back. I might start wearing it up more, it’s not that short, it can still bloody well go up.

And I seem to have a different look every day now, good or bad. That was kinda of my plan. Kinda.

I think I need to go buy a new pair of jeans to go with my new boots. And a scarf.

If my clothes are kicking, maybe no one will notice my hair.

Diversion is a beautiful thing.

Sounds good to me anyways.

And needless to say, I am really looking forward to fall now, and cooler weather, because I have boots. Kick ass boots.

And I am pretty sure I am not going to do the same thing I did with my hair. I am not thinking about this at all. I am just wearing the damn boots with jeans, t-shirt, denim jacket and crazy hair…and a big ass smile on my face.

Happy fall all!!


7 thoughts on “It always goes better in my head…

  1. HoaiPhai

    I hate to rain on your parade, Princess, but the guy seems like a player to me. If he really loved you and cared about your feelings he would have bought you a wig.

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