The Filius Blue Pepper, it’s a beautiful thing…

The Filius Blue Pepper, it’s a beautiful thing…

The Filius Blue Pepper, it’s a beautiful thing…

Fall is here, and now the big thing I am trying to figure out is what the hell am I going to do with all the peppers and tomatoes that we have getting ripe, of course all at the same freaking time. I have been roasting the tomatoes like a maniac and I am getting a good supply in the freezer for winter, to add to sauces and soups. They add flavor you just can’t get from anything you can buy.

I grew many peppers this year, but by far my favorite is a wee little pepper called Filius Blue. It’s not like other peppers, which is part of it’s charm for me, I like different.

I bought the seeds from Westcoast Seeds which is a seed company that makes seeds specifically for our area. The pepper itself originates from Mexico.

This pepper is not only amazingly beautiful, but the peppers go from smoking hot, to mild instead of the other way around. When the peppers are purple they are at their hottest, when they are red they are milder. The plant is absolutely LOADED with peppers.

I planted three plants, and now the biggest problem I seem to have is what I am going to do with the approximately 300 peppers I have.

Drying them seems to be the most logical at this point. I am going to try a few different ways of doing this. I will do an oven version eventually and maybe even roast some, but the weather is supposed to stay amazing for a while yet, so I am going to try and dry them outdoors in the daytime. I have a really hot roof outside my kitchen window, so it will be perfect for them to dry naturally.

I have also discovered that I can bring the plants in and possibly overwinter them inside. My house is pretty dark so I am not sure what my success will be, but I am definitely going to try it out. The plants are beautiful and don’t get very big. The biggest one I have is probably about 2 1/2 feet tall. So they are nice and compact.

Another great thing about this little pepper is the seeds are open pollinated which means I can keep some of the seeds and use them again next year.

Or give some away for presents.

If I love you, you can probably expect to get some ground ones in your stocking too…just saying.

I mean like in a jar, not just flying around in the bottom of the sock.

So if you like it hot, and you want beauty at the same time, I highly recommend trying this hot little number. You won’t regret it, I promise :)

Happy Fall!!


2 thoughts on “The Filius Blue Pepper, it’s a beautiful thing…

  1. Patricia

    I got a Filius Blue this year and have been growing it outside in BC Canada. I tasted one of the little red peppers and it blew me away. It was the hottest pepper I ever tasted. I am now wondering what to do with this beautiful pepper? I will bring it inside when the weather gets cold, right now it is plenty warm. I am wondering if I should make salsa, sauces, roast the little guys or dry them?? Any ideas are appreciated. I love to cook and would like to figure out how to incorporate them into good food. I am from California and especially like to cook Mexican/Spanish food as we don’t find it done very well anywhere else. thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.

    1. The Redneck Princess Post author

      I am in B.C. too Patricia :) I dried mine and I will eventually and very carefully grind them up. They are super hot! I also put some in with my roasted tomatoes for a little kick. Delicious! I brought my plants that were in pots inside for a while last year too so I had them growing until nearly December!! Thanks for stopping by :)

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