When the funny just seems to elude me…

When the funny just seems to elude me…

When the funny just seems to elude me…

The last couple of days have been sketchy.

I have used other peoples funny to pull me through.

And that’s ok, right?

See, my Dad is in the hospital.

He had a wee jammer.

And yes, that means he had a small heart attack. Now… he is ok…he is already raring to get out of the hospital and says he hasn’t felt so good in years. Which I understand is from some medication that he is on to make his blood run better, and maybe the shot of Morphine they gave him. Regardless, he is doing ok and just wants to get out of the hospital.

And flirt with the nurses.

But alas…he isn’t allowed out. Not until he goes to Vancouver on Monday and they test him for all the things they test you for when you have a wee jammer. Like that your arteries to your heart are open. You know, kind of important stuff.

And then there is my Mom.

The Queen of the family. The little toughie that keeps us all in line.

I am probably going to get smacked for this, but…too bad.

I have always been the  other tough girl. The one that holds it together when shit flies, the one that is cold and hard and tough to reach. I am not really like that I suppose, but that is the facade I put out there. It’s a safety thing.

This week, I figured out where I get that from. It’s her.

She is tough. She is in control. She is our glue. Seriously…with all that she has been through, the hard road she has traveled, she is our rock. But sometimes you just need each other.

You need family.

You need to know that you don’t have to figure all the shit life throws at you on your own.

WE need each other.

All of us, with all of our little life shit and stuff that we deal with on a regular basis, in the big picture…means nothing without family.

I am not even really sure of the point I want to make here, I am not really sure of anything right now.

Except I am grateful, and lucky…and so thankful, that everyone is together. That we love each other so much. My family is small, but we are fiercely loyal and protective of each other, whether you are blood, or people we love. We will be there for you no matter what.

Times like this remind me of that, of how amazing we are as a family. To have the humor that we all share, whether it is the brain aneursym part of the family or now the jammer part…we seem to laugh our way through it. Though I have to admit, the things you joke about before it actually happens to you, tend to change when they actually do….

So today, for me…I ask you all to love your family. Hug your babies, call your family…every single one of them and tell them that you love them, and you need them. Tell the one you love and share your life with that, that you love them, regardless of the every day shit you are going through. Thick or thin. Good or bad…and remember life is short, and we only get one good shot at it.

Love with all you have my friends…


8 thoughts on “When the funny just seems to elude me…

  1. Richard Wiseman

    I hope your father gets better soon, sincerely. That family thing is true. I hadn’t really thought about it much, but whilst on holiday in Wales in August with my wife and two children we were all laughing uncontrollably at the antics of some people around us and our shared experience and like mindedness created a ‘bubble’ of togetherness which lasted all week. It was summed up by my 13 year old son saying at one point, as we all, one by one, mocked and plied wit to the situation we found ourselves in, lost and asking the way of man none of us could understand because of his lack of teeth and a thick Welsh accent. My son said “We’re a great family aren’t we? I mean we’re cool.” For the first time in my married & father life I saw us as a unit, as a family, and I liked us, I thought that we were good together. Yeah family, it’s odd, but we often don’t realize what a good thing it is, because we’re so wrapped up in our own lives. Thanks, Princess R, for sharing that. My prayers are with you and yours.

  2. Robyn

    Best wishes to your Dad. Good luck for the tests. So sorry to hear, but very glad only small and that he is in hosputal where he should be.

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