Back it up a step Tinker Bell…

Back it up a step Tinker Bell…

You don’t want to get your foot slammed in my door…

On Saturday night we went out. To the Quinny.

Unless you live here you won’t have a clue what I am talking about. It’s a very old hotel, with a bar on the ground floor. Very old.

Old school, like elastic terry towel tablecloth old school. Like you don’t EVER want to go in there in the daytime, or even close to sober old school.

But the band was one of my favorite bands from Vancouver…Savage West and it was Halloween Saturday night, and somehow…I convinced Bruce it was a good idea.

By the time we got there, it was packed. We couldn’t even find a terry cloth covered table to sit at, but there was one seat at the bar. We snagged it, and then pretty much all stood around.

We didn’t get dressed up, and about 20 minutes into it, Phyllis and I decided that we probably should have, and that next year we would. There were lots of great costumes, as always.

The first problem we had, was getting a drink. Now you figure when you are sitting at the freaking bar, you wouldn’t have that hard of a time with said action.

You would be horribly wrong.

Not only did we not have a waitress, we had a very grumpy bartender that looked like she would rather be anywhere else on the planet. Probably because they were totally shorthanded for the number of people in the bar, and the fact that she was going to have to work about 50 times harder than she was getting paid to work.

I ended up having to go stand in the 15 minute long line up, and double fisting the drinks, so that I wouldn’t have to go get in line again for at least half an hour.

The second problem was…people are dressed up. We were not.

This does not in anyway give you an advantage.

You can’t tell if you know the creepy people coming up to you and talking to you like they have known you forever. Or who the guy is who is hitting on your best friend relentlessly…who also says he knows your ex. Wonderful.

So in walks this cute little fairy. She is maybe 25…maybe. Cute as a button, with no one else with her and a lost look in her eye. Now I only noticed her, because she was a cute blonde. Nuff said…

I did wonder why she was alone, maybe meeting her husband there?? She had a wedding ring on…remember this part, it comes in pertinent at the end… But nope…all night she walked around aimlessly, looking for someone to latch onto.

I noticed her walk by Bruce a couple of times, which put me on guard, as he was playing pool, and totally not in a walk by area.

Did I mention I am jealous? No? Probably didn’t have to right?

Anyhoooo…I was now on alert. I am a little territorial when it comes to my man.

Not much else noteworthy went on as the evening progressed, until the end when the lights when on. Now I am not sure what chickie poo was thinking here. Probably nothing at all. Cute doesn’t always come with smart…

But as we (Bruce, Phyllis’s husband Brad and I) were sitting at the bar talking about where we were going to go next, she comes up to us and joins in the conversation. Like she is coming over to the house with us…seriously.

All I can do at this point is look at her and say… “No.”

She starts talking again… Eye contact…and “No.”

And again, only this time she is talking to Brad… “NO”…

I don’t actually even know what she was saying, it was just no. That was all I could say to her.

She just wasn’t getting it. Finally, I believe I said it was time for her to move along…some people just don’t get subtle.

The funny thing was, I don’t think either of the boys even clued in to it. I informed them that no matter how cute I thought she was, she wasn’t coming home. With any of us. I got shoulder shrugs, giggling and the comment “too bad, she was kinda cute.”

Which she was… But she would have had more luck if she had been coming on to me…not our husbands. Just saying.

The last time I saw her she was standing on the side of the highway in the throngs of people waiting for a cab…she probably left her magic wand on the terry cloth table inside…

You can’t make good decisions, drunk at the Quinny on a night when you go out without your husband chickie…just so you know for next time. I was glad to be there and steer you in the right direction, which hopefully was home to your own house, alone.

All in all, it was a fun night, with lots to laugh about the next day, well maybe not on Sunday…more like Monday once the hangover was gone…

Happy Halloween everyone!!!


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