When it’s not ok to feed the homeless…

When it’s not ok to feed the homeless…

When it’s not ok to feed the homeless…


So if you live like um…anywhere, you have probably heard this story. One doesn’t run into something like this all the time. Now in this day of social media, it is easy to get yourself into a misunderstood situation. I get that. The other thing about social media…in this case Twitter, is that you actually have to type, hopefully re-read and possibly process what you just wrote. Or one would think anyway, wouldn’t they?

In this case, apparently not.

I am of course talking about Danielle Smith’s thoughtless tweet…in case you have missed it, I will update you a bit.

XL foods in Alberta, a major meat supplier of meat in Canada was shut down recently, due to there being a E Coli scare with their meat. Now by scare, I mean that 1800 products have been recalled. In late August they started the recall of hamburger and steak saying it could possibly be contaminated. Hundreds of tonnes of the recalled beef has been dumped in a Brooks, Alberta landfill over the weekend. Sixteen people have become sick with E Coli due to this incident across Canada.

Now to Danielle.

Ok, so from what I have read, she was replying to a comment made by another tweeter.

I guess the good intention was there right?

But then she writes this in response to the comment below…

Now this is where I have the problem…because I am going to call B.U.L.L.S.H.I.T. that you would be the first one to line up and buy some, and NO ONE you know would say the same thing. No one. There is not a chance in hell that you would feed that meat to your children, if you did…you are a fool.

The fact that you even said that is just ludicrous. Even though I am sure you were just trying to cover your ass.


I am certain that homeless people would feel the same on all levels. They wouldn’t feed their children tainted meat anymore than you would.

The E Coli bacteria is in the meat. Which means that anything the meat touches can also be infected, which can pretty much guarantee you are upping the chances of getting sick from it. It can spread from your counter, your hands, your utensils.

It’s not brain surgery.

When we were listening to the story on the news the first time, I actually thought she was going to recommend using it for pet food or something like that. Not to feed people.

Because saving a few bucks and some tainted meat can’t possibly compare to the hospital bills you could possibly incur from feeding it to actual people.

How about…if we take the money we will save from everyone not listening to Danielle and spend it making sure this never happens again??

How about if we get some different regulations in place so that meat that our families are eating on a regular basis is SAFE…shall we?

It has made pretty much everyone I know leary about buying meat in a grocery store. Maybe it’s about time we were more aware of what we are eating. Steroids, preservatives…who knows what else?

Maybe it’s time we cared about how the animals that feed us are treated, maybe it’s about time we found a way FEED our homeless…good food. Not E Coli ridden beef that is left over from a meat recall.

How about we use a little freaking common sense??? In all aspects of life. In what we say, in what we insinuate, in how we act.

Our world is spiralling out of control on so many levels. We need to get back to basics, back to things that are healthy, happy and thoughtful.

I mean that in how we react to a situation like Danielle’s too. Yes, her comments were totally not thought out, but I think her intentions were good.

I know that the anger that people feel at what she said is frustration. Frustration with society. Frustration with Politicians. Frustration that there are people in a country like Canada that sleep on the streets and in their cars with their small children and no options, nowhere to turn for help.

Maybe we should all do one thing today to change the world for the good. One thing. I can’t tell you what that one thing should be, but if we all did one good thing for someone that didn’t expect it today, and not expect anything in return, the world would certainly be a bit better of a place wouldn’t it?

Pay it forward…what have you got to lose?

8 thoughts on “When it’s not ok to feed the homeless…

  1. Aurora HSP

    My opinion: I don’t think feeding any one anything with even a possible contamination is right, homeless or otherwise. I think folks get online and say things just for the sake of argument and wind up with (raw) egg on their face. Homelessness is a contentious issue. 35 years married and I am nearly there. Trying not to think about it. Hoping everything works out. It’s a status I’m sure I don’t want to personally know for any reason. Can’t even imagine life without a roof over my head. Makes me paralytic. I feel for the homeless who haven’t chosen it as a way of life. There will always be hobos, drifters and hermits who choose it as a way of life and it works for them. It’s the others, the people with kids living in tent towns I feel for, the working poor etc. It’s a huge, broad topic with many facets to it but it’s those of us thrust there not by our own choice, or due to mental challenges and those facilities all being closed thanks to government cutbacks, that is most worrisome to me. Not a big meat eater anyway but if it is all there is, I suppose I’d eat it as long as it wasn’t contaminated in any way. I dunno, lots of thoughts going here.

  2. Jaye

    Reason number 6993 that my husband hunts. What he doesn’t hunt, I try to buy from local farmers. Yes I pay more – instead of 79 cents a pound this Thanksgiving for our turkey (I live in the US remember, turkey is CHEAP!) I will be paying about 3 dollars a pound. But this turkey will have had a happy, hormone free, range free life…AND I am supporting a local farmer!
    As for the homeless, I refuse to give them cash. I DO however stop by fast food places now and then and try to give them meals. Surprisingly, many don’t want food, and I have had many ask for money instead. I figure if you are homeless a hot meal is a hot meal and you’d be thankful for it. So there are many sides to the homeless debate.

    1. The Redneck Princess Post author

      I totally agree Jaye, my ex and I were downtown years ago, and a guy asked us for money for food. My ex had a container of leftover dinner. It was half of a burger or something that he hadn’t touched yet. The guy wouldn’t take it, he said he wanted money instead. That isn’t hunger, that is dependance. You are right, it is complicated….

  3. lk

    I work at a soup kitchen as a volunteer, serving 400 persons each lunch hour, each day of the week. The system that is set up guarantees that the homeless are receiving quality, fresh food daily. That is the law, I think, an this kitchen is on top of all of it. I am sure that most of the soup kitchens across America are under the same regulations to make sure that every one receives nothing but quality and safe food. Many restaurants and grocers donate their produce and other foodstuffs to this kitchen and believe me, it is the best one could ask for. Any kind of e-coli ridden foods is constantly monitored and recorded at each meal.

    1. The Redneck Princess Post author

      I used to work in a major grocery store in a sub-dept that made muffins and sandwiches, we had a hell of a time getting the go ahead to give the day old food away to the food bank…so we threw thousands of dollars worth of perfectly fresh and delicious food away every month. We need to somehow make the system work so that good food doesn’t go to waste and people that need it get quality food…

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