A day of purging and goodness…

A day of purging and goodness…

A day of purging and goodness…

Well it started out like any other day…at least in the fact that I woke up.

And didn’t really want to get out of our nice warm bed.

But I did, because it was sunny, and we have been lounging around a lot lately. I didn’t really know what I was going to do, I actually had full intentions of going outside and maybe doing something in the fresh air…but the sun was shining in my house.

My god…the Castle was freaking filthy.

We have two dogs…one that loses a puppy worth of hair every. single. day.

And my oven was half clean.

And my kids room was a freaking pig pen.

That was what actually set me off, it is always what sets me off.

So I started cleaning in there.


It’s better now, he hates me mind you, but I couldn’t give a crap, he isn’t living in filth with random food laying around with Odie hair in it.


Boys are gross.

There is not one corner or drawer that didn’t get my wrath today, if it was dirty, it was annihilated. I have been a slacker to say the least, it was time.

I usually know it is time to wash my floors when my socks get dirty, now granted since I found the Swiffer Vacuum cleaner, I wash my floors half as much, if you don’t have one of these, and you have dogs or dirty boys…get one, they rock. I am addicted to it, and yes, I absolutely use it every single day.

And no, they are not paying me to say that, though they totally should. I tell everyone I know they need to get one. I am on my third one, I got my first one 12 years ago…or whenever it was when they first came out.

So back to the point…my floors were past the point of needing to be washed, by weeks. Ok maybe longer. I hate washing floors, it is like doing dishes to me, except I do the dishes. Every day. The floors are easier to ignore.

So between that, washing, real vacuuming, dusting, cleaning oven doors, throwing things away that should have gone years ago, like the ancient fax machine, the old toaster, and someones old piece of crap computer, I also got a loaf of bread made to go with dinner…and guess what?? It freaking worked. I have been so challenged making bread for the last two years, I just totally gave up. Finally last week, because I am sick and tired of paying $4.25 for a bloody loaf of bread…I thought I would try again.

Third time lucky. I know, shut up.

I finally figured it out. I am going to share that post with you in the next few days. Because I am just that happy about making a huge beautiful loaf of bread.

She’s a beauty right???

And she was delicious too, as was dinner.

I tried the recipe for Cake Mix Cookies too, because I just felt like I didn’t have quite enough going on. They are amazing, if you have never tried to make cookies this way before, you should. They are so good, and your kids will think you are possibly the greatest Mom on the planet. Well my kid didn’t say that, because he was still mad at me for cleaning his room, but you get the idea right?

Just don’t eat six of them before dinner.

I know. Shut up.

So tonight, I sit on my ass, which is tired I might add, blogging. I also had about 4 blogs that were in different levels of unfinishedness and disarray.

Those got cleaned up too.

Some days there is no way to stop me.

Oh, and I talked to my Dad tonight, and he informed me that he has my new career all lined up, and he is going to be my Manager. I am pretty stoked. Apparently Mike McCardell is retiring, he is a reporter in Vancouver that goes around town finding cool stories about cool people…well my father is convinced this should now be my job. I agree, I would rock it!!

So he is going to get me in, you know, do some checking it out and lining me up and I told him as soon as he got me the interview I was in like peanut butter on toast. I mean if he is the manager I think he will be :) He says he can negotiate my new wage too…nice.

So all in all, it was a pretty great day. Now I need to get some snuggles, and maybe some sleep.

Happy almost Friday friends xoxo

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