I am up too late…and I miss my cat.

I am up too late…and I miss my cat.

I am up too late…and I miss my cat.

What do the two things have in common? Oh absolutely nothing. Nothing at all.

I am up at 12:21…it’s late. I am not even a wee bit tired. I did this last night too. I was up late. That is my mistake. I am getting into a bad pattern. Winter is hard like that.

Today was a blustery and nasty day here. Of course, we decided to go and get wood.

I mean there was nothing else to do right?

It was fun, and scary. Windy as hell and raining upside down, a typical fall day on the Wet Coast.

Here is a really bad quality video I took on my phone. Oh and by the way, I dropped the cell phone that I love, more than any phone I have ever had before, and smashed the screen on the driveway brick.



Apparently you can get a new screen. So that will mean I won’t have a phone for two weeks, that should be interesting now shouldn’t it? I don’t go anywhere without my phone…

So back to the video…Don’t ya love the ground shots? I am so challenged, seriously.

It was very very windy Piglet…but we did get wood :)

There was a few times, when I kinda wondered what the flaming hell we were doing out there, but the highway was more scary than the bushes were. And we made it home safe and sound.

So here I lay late at night, boy snoring away beside me, with a broken phone, some firewood stacked and missing my kitty that used to lay at my feet, or on my head. Whichever she felt like at the time.

She has been gone for about 7 months, and I have had to talk myself out of getting another kitten more than once in the last two months. I miss the snuggles, I miss the attitude…but I just can’t chance losing another kitty to the highway.

So if you have a kitty…give her a snuggle for me would ya?

Happy Sunday, well actually now it’s Monday…I had better go to sleep. xoxo

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