The problem with me…and studying.

The problem with me…and studying.

The problem with me…and studying.

I should be studying right this second.

See, I have a pesticide test tomorrow at one.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have totally cracked a book. I am on Chapter 7.

I am just going to admit that I suck at studying straight out.  I get sidetracked. Like all the time. All I can think of is the other 15 things I could be doing.

Like making this collage…of all the other things I either want to or am doing…right now.

You can’t see how totally filthy my windows are in the pictures, and come to think of it, they will just get dirty again in the next big storm anyway, so never mind that. The floors are clean, that’s all that matters.

I mean how can you expect me to focus?? It’s winter, I think my focus goes towards off, or short. That might be more it.

I can get lots done, I just flail around and do 20 things at the same time. Like having a shower, while studying. I did that… really!!!

I was thinking about all the stuff we tell people at work, all the problems that come up that you have to try and solve. Some days it all just comes to you, some days you draw a blank.

Don’t tell me that doesn’t count, because it does.

And since I started posting this blog, about two hours ago, I have fixed the wrecked scarf, yay…Hung an unexpected picture I found in the closet while getting the sewing machine out to fix said scarf. It looks awesome, by the way.

Removed insane amounts of cobwebs in the foyer and killed a couple of spiders…

Cleaned both my bathrooms, and I have finally taken the soap dish from downstairs and brought it up to my kitchen where I really need it.

Lit and tended the fire.

And then I thought, ok, time to hunker down. And study…

Shut up, I did!!!!

And I realized this…I have done the hard stuff, the rest of the book is totally stuff I know and stuff that I don’t need to memorize at ALL!!

So I think maybe the moral here, is that ya…I suck at studying.

But I am pretty sure I am going to do well on the test.

At least I had better.

You see at work we have a wee bit of a competition. My man boss, let’s call him N for anonymity reasons, always gets the high score. I think last time it was like 98%. That’s good right? I mean he is the MAN BOSS…he should get the high marks.

Now in his sneakiness, he challenges us. Like good luck beating him, might even be exact words.

When you are a man working with 10 women you pretty much take what you can get I would imagine. It can’t in any way be easy for him to deal with our crazy asses alone all the time. But he does it.

But the challenge, it pisses us all off, that he is the winner. So we try harder. I might not beat him, but I sure as hell am going to plan on getting up in the 90% and better range.

If I don’t. You can kick my ass.

Because I am saying right now, that I am done studying.

And my to do list is long. Not as long as it was this morning, but I have some Etsy selling to do now. I have a huge abundance of scarves and cowls to sell.

I will also update the widget on the middle column of the blog with the link to the new items today, and maybe get my Photo Challenge posted, I am behind again now.

Also, I was going to make shortbread cookies today too, but sometimes you just set the bar too high.

My question at this point is this…How the HELL do I ever get anything done when I am working???

Happy Wednesday folks…and wish me good testing tomorrow!!



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