When Jack is NOT your friend…

When Jack is NOT your friend…

I wasn’t going to blog about this,  but then I thought, really? Blow off some perfectly good blog fodder for no reason? What the hell is wrong with me?

Just let me say from the top…after thinking about this for a couple of days, if this incident involved someone I know, and that is possible, I have a pretty good idea who it is. And you need to seriously get a grip on yourself.

So here is what happened.

Saturday morning at 5:55 AM my home phone rang. It woke me from a totally dead sleep.

I then thought…

  • Someone was dead
  • It was Megan texting my home phone by accident :)
  • Or last but not least someone had totally dialed the wrong number.

Thankfully it was not number 1, nor was it number 2…apparently it was not number 3 either.

Instead it was some dumbass talking dirty to me. Telling me where he was going to lick me.

I then said…and I quote.

“You have got to be fucking kidding me right?”

And I proceeded to hang up the phone, because really?

As I put the phone down and got back in bed, Bruce asked me who was on the phone. I had just got the words “it was a crank call” out of my mouth when the phone rang again.

Same Private number on the call display. I said to Bruce “you answer it this time”.  He said for me to answer and give him the phone.

I did.

He listened to the call and eventually hung up. Now at this point I was like what the hell?

“Why didn’t you say something to the twit? Like, are you freaking done yet???”

Again, we figure that is the end of it.


He calls back AGAIN. I say to Bruce, “seriously this time, ask him if he is done.”

Needless to say, that pretty much finished the conversation.

And if you are reading this buddy…ya, that was him you were talking to the whole time, I never heard a word of what you said. How does that feel hot shot?

Now I honestly don’t have any idea what would possess someone to make a phone call like that. I am guessing, if it’s who I think it is, there was Jack Daniels involved, and as I much as I don’t know the guy that well or even in real life… other than talking online and on the phone for maybe a week over a year ago, I do know he is bizarre when he drinks, hence my never meeting him for real. That would pretty much explain things wouldn’t it?

If it isn’t who I think it is…well dude, you need to go and get some help. Or find a girl to be your friend. Stop calling women that have less that zero interest in any conversation with you AND that has her old man laying right next to her in bed.

Even if that works for you, not so much for either of us…Just saying.

Oh and folks…did you know that you can trace a private call and then forward that information to the police…oh yes you can…

I just found out about this, and it is good information to have, thank you Sherry.

Here is what you do:

This is directly from my phone company…check it out with your phone carrier to be sure it is the same, but it seems that generally this is the protocol.

Call Trace is a free service that provides legal evidence of harassing calls to your number.

If you receive a harassing call:

  • Hang up immediately.
  • Lift the receiver and listen for the dial tone. Press *57 to trace the last call to your line.
  • If the call was a threat to life, contact the police immediately. If not, the police suggest you trace three calls before contacting them.
  • Be sure to note the date and time of each harassing call.
  • Call Trace information is released to the police only. You will not be advised of the caller’s number.
  • Call Trace is effective even when the caller has blocked their name and number.

If you receive nuisance hang-up calls, the police are not in a position to take action.

For more information on unlawful calls, call your service provider directly.

Good information. I guess if nothing else good came out of this, which it didn’t, then at least I can say I learned something. I learned that next time, I will push those buttons, and trace the calls.

Because it’s November, and for some reason it seems to be that crazy finds me around the end of the year…remember the Present Incident that then turned into the Wood Guy incident last year around now??? Ya…me too. Thank goodness that blew over after a call from the police to the threatening party. What the hell is wrong with people?

And why am I a freak magnet?? No offense to everyone that loves me and I love back…really.

But you have to admit with the freaky stuff that goes on with me sometimes…it makes one wonder.

Be safe out there kids!!!

6 thoughts on “When Jack is NOT your friend…

  1. Megan

    Ummm, what kind of idiot texts you in the middle of the night/early morning on your HOME phone?!?!? Oh, ya, that would be this girl!!! LOL. At this point you’d probably be if it is was me! Damn lady! When the crazy comes out it comes out doesn’t it? WTF is wrong with people??? And is the jackass you think it is one that we talked about? People are just not right in the head. Effing insane.

    Hope no more craziness finds you babes! Love you!!! xoxo

  2. Lafemmeroar

    When I clicked on your home page, the first post I wanted to read was “Homemade Vanilla Extract” but when I saw the bottle of Jack, I just had to click :) Mr. Hot Shot is probably a Mr. Premie in the sack. This is a very informative post. I never heard of Call Trace!

    Great post! Quick tip: next time … I’d have a whistle beside me and just when he’s breathing all hot and heavy … I’d blow on that sucker as hard as I can … so hard in fact that it’s bound to wake up the whole neighborhood and I bet it cracks his eardrums in the process.

    Tweeting and Stumbling this now ’cause more people need to laugh at the malfunction of your universe (you know how I roll) and they need to know the information you shared!

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