As our hearts break and our faith diminishes…

As our hearts break and our faith diminishes…

I wish to send my deepest sympathy to the families suffering after the horrible shooting in Connecticut today. It is totally unfathomable to pretty much all of us that someone could premeditate doing something like that…

My heart breaks, my tears fall and still…I don’t understand.

I have been reading articles about it for an hour now…I have seen it on the news. Still no sense. It’s how we all feel.

The outcry for gun control is loud from the USA.

Now I am not even going to pretend that I have a clue about the gun laws in the States. I don’t. I do not agree that no one should have guns. I do agree that there needs to be reasonable laws. But taking everyone’s guns away will not fix what is wrong here.

The point I am trying to make is this.

Gun control is one thing. Responsible gun ownership another.

But we aren’t talking about either thing here.

We are talking about mental illness.

It hasn’t come out why this happened. It doesn’t matter really…the children are dead, and we can never bring them back.

Adam Lanza killed 27 people and himself…20 of them children.

Gun control would NOT have changed that. Criminals and those who want to commit the horrible crime like the one we saw today will always have access to guns, no matter what we do, or what controls are in place. It is sad, disheartening and insane, but it is true.

We need health care…we need people with mental health issues to get the fucking help they need. THAT is the problem. People with mental health issues are ignored, pushed aside, sometimes medicated and ignored more…that is why things like this happen.

It’s not video games, it’s not guns, it’s not random.

It’s us IGNORING the fact that we have people that live among us, that scream out for help, repeatedly… and are ignored, repeatedly, and when they don’t feel like there is anything else that they can do, they either kill themselves or someone else.

Or children. 20 of them.

What we need to do, is fix our healthcare, fix our social ignorance about people that are mentally ill.

Help them.

Don’t push them to the side and think they will go away if you can’t see them, because days like today will happen. Days like today will keep happening, with or without gun control.

I wish I had the answer how to fix this problem. It’s not like our governments are going to give everyone free and easy access to get the help they need…it’s just not going to happen, the sad thing is, there is nowhere for many people who need help to even go, nowhere to turn…no one LISTENING.

Even though we could fix it…if every single politician made about $50,000 a year or  better yet how about $30,000 a year, instead of $300,000 a year. If they were forced to live at poverty level, for even a year…think about how much extra money there would be. Think about the lessons that would be learned if the whole damn government had to live on $19,000 a year. Then they would be just like you and me…like most of us, if we have been a single parent, if we have struggled to pay our bills and make ends meet…if we have sometimes not had a clue where the next meal would come from.

No one will ever be able to understand why the shootings in Connecticut happened. No one will ever be in Adam Lanza’s head to figure out what he was thinking.

Something horrible happened to Adam, and I am not making excuses for him. There are none, but he never got help…therefore he never had a chance.

That is our fault as a society. We are to blame.

So if you are looking for a scapegoat, for a reason why this happened…it’s our own fault, you, me…our government…society. It’s not about guns or games.

It won’t bring 27 innocent people back.

It is not an easy fix. How can you fix something that is so horribly messed up, it would take years and years of cutting through red tape to make right? I wish I had an answer, or even a beginning of a clue what to do.

Days like today we all feel helpless. Like there is nothing we can do. Maybe the reality of it is we are helpless to a certain extent, but there is always something.

No matter how small it is, no matter how tiny of a gesture. Be the change.

All we can do is love our families and be as safe as we can possibly be, nothing in this life is certain.

Be compassionate today, when you would normally be dismissive.

Look people in the eye when you talk to them, and if you know someone needs help…do your best to be there. To help them. To listen.

Everyone needs love, everyone needs compassion, everyone needs help once and a while, and in the big picture, that is going to be the only way, this whole shit storm we call society is going to turn around.

Big shoes to fill???  You bet.

Big shoes, that can only be filled with baby steps…be the solution, even if you think it is only a wee drop in the pot…

Once again…my thoughts will be with the families and friends who’s lives have been affected by this. I will cry my tears, I will be grateful for all the goodness that is my life, and I will try to make a difference everyday…in whatever way I can, to help be the change we need.

Merry Christmas to you all.

Be thankful. It’s really what it is supposed to be about anyways…maybe this year, we should really mean it.



*Disclaimer: The above post is my opinion ONLY. I am not against gun laws, or those of you fighting for them to change. I just think it needs to be reasonable. I think personally that the problem is so much deeper than that, and I am just giving you my side. I would love to hear your feelings, but lets try and be the solution, not more of what is wrong…

2 thoughts on “As our hearts break and our faith diminishes…

  1. Jaye

    One of the best posts I have read about this subject. You are right, it is not about gun control. Gun laws only prevent responsible, law abiding citizens from owning guns while the criminals and mentally ill can get their hands on them with very little effort. It is also about ‘responsible’ gun ownership as you suggested…with rights come responsibilities. If you own a gun, be responsible with it and for it, and for those around it.

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