Body log…week one.

Body log…week one.


That sounds wrong…very wrong, but I can’t come up with any other name…so it stays. Til I do.

So what has been taking over my life for the last week? Me. My body…how I feel about my body and how I want my body to be.

Unfortunately, I am the only one responsible for that, I can’t blame it on someone else or pass the torch on to anyone else to do the hard work. So I am taking on the challenge.

I have never had to pay attention to what I eat, and had no idea up til about a week ago how much effort was involved in counting calories.

Who knew that you are not supposed to take in more calories than you can burn off? Phhfft…

So I have been tracking. I have had good days and bad. I can honestly say that I have not veered off the path of not eating junk food, I am pretty proud of that because that was seriously what I thought was going to be the hardest thing.

The other thing that I am totally bad at is drinking water, it’s not that I don’t like it, it is that I forget. And seriously the water coach app I downloaded has helped 100%.

I have been drinking 84 oz of water a day, and exercising every single day, splitting it between weights, aerobic…or shall we say flailing around with a hula hoop…and walking. A lot.

I have also been diligent at taking my vitamins. Which I also suck at. I am taking a women’s multi vitamin, 1000 mg of Vitamin D, and 300 mg of Krilex freeze dried krill for my Omega 3 fatty acids, that I just don’t consume naturally.

I am not going to claim miracles. But I feel 100 % better. I am happier, my aches and pains are pretty much gone, other than the self induced lifting too much weight or walking to far pain…which is a good thing.

The dogs are happier too. And Bruce will learn, slowly. He is not much into the food change. It will take some work, and probably some trickery to make that come along.

I also find that I want to eat now. I mean if you had said to me three months ago that I would get as excited about eating a bowl full of kale chips as I would about eating a chocolate bar, I would have laughed my ass off.  Well not really, because a Crunchie isn’t going to help with that at all.

I weighed 128 lbs when I started a week ago, and I still weigh 128 lbs. But I already feel better.

The other thing that is huge is sleep.

I have never in my life had an issue with sleeping, until I hit menopause or whatever the hell this is called. I have nights now when I lay awake for hours. Hard to get up, yes…

Not working in the winter makes it easy to go back to sleep until stupid hours of the morning, I have decided not to do that anymore, I want to be up and about early, so I have been getting up at 8. No matter how shitty it feels at the time, you sleep better that night, even if the day is a little long.

I will say, that I am glad I took this on before I went back to work, it is hard changing bad habits that occur gradually over your life. I almost feel like I did when I quit smoking, everything you do sort of has to change in order for the changes to stick.

I am pretty sure that I will be set in my new ways nicely before we go back to work, which actually is only in about three weeks!!! Winter has gone by quickly, we have been pretty lucky with our weather this year.

So what do you do to look after yourself? I would love more tips!!!

Happy Wednesday friends…

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