I am having a block, a mental block.

I am having a block, a mental block.

I am having a block, a mental block.

You know as in….I have absolutely NOTHING to blog about. AGAIN.

I guess it all comes with the fact that it is January and the adventures in working, or actually having a life outside the yard, is obsolete to me right now.

And the weather is shit.

As in raining 24/7 as it does here on the wet coast of Vancouver Island.

It is supposed to be spectacular but cold for the next week, so I am totally looking forward to that as there will surely be some great photo opportunities for some great shots with the new lens.

A boost for the Vitamin D will be a good thing too, although I have to say that taking the Vitamin D pill every single day faithfully really seems to be helping me feel a little bit better.

This is going to sound absolutely insane to the normal person, but I wish I was in Whitehorse.

I know right? Insane.

But you know what? It is amazing there right now. It is sunny every day, and if it isn’t sunny,  it is snowing. Double bonus. Right? Never mind that some days it goes down to -35° and yes, that is Celsius.  So it is bloody cold. It’s just a good cold, a barely breathing it is so cold, cold. But still good.

And there is sunshine.

For more than ten minutes.

Which means pictures will be fabulous!!

And of course, my Prince is there…and I miss his wee smile.

But for now, I have these to share with you…we have had it all this week, some of it all in the same day. Snow storm to torrential downpour, just drive one block.

So until I come up with something to amuse you all, I will keep taking pictures…

And Ann…I really do feel a new tattoo coming on :)

Cops in the snow

Mustang in the ditch :( Don’t they know that it is just better to turn around and go home rather than chance it? Just saying…


Cause it was snowing like this…


In Comox, 15 minutes away…there was no snow, and a funky GMC with curtains!!!!

Boat in the rain

And sideways coming down on the boat rain.


My token branch shot…


And today we got sun…glorious sun!!! With Ice.

Comox Valley Glacier

And the Glacier was absolutely stunning today!!!


Happy Weekend loves!!

6 thoughts on “I am having a block, a mental block.

  1. Brenda

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the snow pics gf! Mustangers will never learn. Keep the pony in the stable during snow! duh…. I’m sure you’ll think of a post sooner or later. We’ll still be here waiting :)

  2. Megan

    I just love your snapshots! Always have… you rock the camera darlin’. The token branch shot is one of my favorites. I’ve been a horrible blogger & have only posted one sorry post in the last 4 months so I think you’re doing loads better than I! lol. Love ya sugar!

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