I want to be a Technical writer…oh, and a Spy.

I want to be a Technical writer…oh, and a Spy.

harriet the spy

Like Harriet the spy…

Did you ever read her stories? When I was young, I read them over and over again, I can still smell the book, I can still feel the pages…I can still remember feeling like I was part of the story. That I wanted to be her.

She was everything I ever wanted to be, she could write, and she was a spy…I mean what is not to love right?

I had actually forgotten all about how much I loved that story, how much I loved to write, even when I was young…it is something that has remained consistent throughout my life. It has always been a release to me, it has always been a way to get my humor across.

It was never something I thought seriously about, it just was.

I actually ordered the book  from Amazon. I want to read it again. I want to remember what it felt like to be that little girl, enveloped in a story to the point where I could feel it, where I truly believed it could be me.

I want to remember exactly why I connected so strongly with Harriet, what made me feel that excitement. There are three or four books but I remember the first one being the one that I read over and over again…

As for the Technical writer part of the job…well what I am seriously interested in is writing catalogues, and whatever else that leads too, something where I am organizing things, writing and maybe even taking pictures as well. All things I love.

Part of what gave me the idea is that at work, the catalogues are so hard to find things in. It is great if you work for the business that puts out the catalogue, well sometimes…half the time the reps don’t even know where anything is, but for companies like ours, that use the books as a supplement to what we do, it can be embarrassing to be standing with a customer and have no clue where to find what you are looking for…when the index doesn’t cover it and it isn’t where it is supposed to be. Or when the wholesale prices are on the page that you are showing the customer. Awkward.

I can rock this job.

I can do this job from anywhere, and the options of what I can work on is totally endless.

I am not sure how I am going to fit the Spy part into it, but I will read the book again and see if I can get any ideas.

There must be a way…

I will do some detective work and see what I can come up with :)

If anyone thinks of anything, shoot me a comment, I am totally open to suggestions at this point…

Happy Friday darlings…

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