It’s always the things you know you shouldn’t have…

It’s always the things you know you shouldn’t have…


That you want.

I bought chocolate today. I bought two dark Aero bars and a Pep.

I have as of right  this second eaten three of the pieces from one of the Aero bars.

I want to eat them all.

But I won’t.

A taste was really all I needed.

The funny thing is, to me anyway, when I went into the store to buy them, I felt guilty. Like a drug addict buying crack (not that I have ever been a drug addict or bought crack.) I did indeed see the town hooker on the side of the street right after my purchase though…go figure.

So what the hell is that all about? The guilty part I mean, the town hooker is a conversation for another day, really…

I have been good, I am working out and eating really well…I think what it is, is that I sort of feel like when I quit smoking, and you know if you have a puff you are fucked and you will start again. I have to get past that mindset and just know that once and a while it’s ok to have something that isn’t a vegetable.

A bowl of ice cream on occasion isn’t going to be the end of me.

I am funny like that, I knew I wouldn’t be hurting anyone but myself, but I guess when I went to buy the chocolate bars, I felt like a disappointment. Like I was doing it on the sly.

I know I should have bought one, not three. That is a Donna thing though, go big or go home. They will sit in my drawer for weeks. At least I know I have a little bit of goodness hiding out. I can have a wee bit of a treat now and then if I want to.

So that is why I am telling you all, so it’s not a dirty little secret hiding in my underwear drawer. Because that is where I keep my chocolate so I actually get to eat it.

Colton has chocolate radar…but he knows better than to go into my drawers. That will never end well. For anyone.

So I have spilled the truth, and it feels ok. I have worked through the disappointment I felt in the store by telling you all about it. Thanks for that, blogging really is good therapy.

And no, you can’t have a piece of my chocolate bar. I still don’t share well.

Have a great weekend folks!

8 thoughts on “It’s always the things you know you shouldn’t have…

  1. mom

    It’s okay I have a chocolate stash in my drawer also, except I tend to forget about it for weeks . Then one day lWill see it and be surprised. Guess it pays to be forgetful . lOL

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