Some crazy shots, and no wood.

Some crazy shots, and no wood.

Some crazy shots, and no wood.

Well we went woodhunting today and got skunked, it doesn’t happen very often, and really I was kind of glad we could just drive around and check out the snow and snap some pictures…I am pretty happy with some of these shots!!!


Funky fence at the Rock Bay Campsite…


Nothing goes to waste…


Heron on the beach…

Heron looking

Standing in the snowflakes…


Eagle in the tree…

Eagle Side

Checking stuff out…

Moss and Snow on the water

This piece of moss is in the middle of the water, totally random.

Old house

Old house on the way back from Rock Bay…


The water was mirror flat…


Signs, signs…everywhere signs…


So many logs, but no wood…

Tree face

And the some of the trees were happy…


But these…not so much.

Huge tree

This tree won the tree lottery…

And at the end of the day we went to the beach…and by fluke ran into my son going diving with his pals…

Dylan the Diver

And this float, with a bird.


All in all, it was a very good day, even without wood!!

Happy Monday folks :)

11 thoughts on “Some crazy shots, and no wood.

  1. mjnightingale

    Loved the pictures…that tree…the one taller then the rest….that was me in grade school…so much taller then everyone else….funny now….not then! hahaha

  2. Pati Cherry

    Awesome pictures. I’ve always wanted to be able to take pictres like that. I suppose you get to see eagles on a regular basis? Down here in Southern Illinois, the eagles come to “winter” on the Mississippi River near Alton, IL. Thats about the only time we get to see them. Its a big deal around here. My husband and I went out Friday and saw a few. Its always a fun day.

    1. The Redneck Princess Post author

      Thanks Pati, yes there are tons of eagles in the town that I live in, but they are still as amazing to me today as they have ever been :) I love taking pics of them, hopefully in the next few days I will have some more, waiting for a sunny day :)

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