When logic and magic have nothing to do with each other…

When logic and magic have nothing to do with each other…

When logic and magic have nothing to do with each other…

When the Sagittarius kicks in.

You know the gypsy side of me?

The side that can’t stay in one place very long?

The side that just wants to run, and never look back?

I am feeling that pretty strongly right now.

I don’t know why it is, I just know that I have always been this way, since I was young. It happens when I have no focus, when I have no motivation or plans.

Like every year in January.

When pretty much everyone I know is going somewhere warm. To lay on a beach and suck up some much needed sunshine, and find some  unplanned adventure.

I am totally envious.

I am sure I could fit in a suitcase.

I am also pretty sure that the Vitamin D supplements are NOT cutting it.

The fact that I just started taking them yesterday means absolutely nothing to me at this point.

All I can think about is getting on a plane and going. Anywhere.

Again there are problems with that.

Like I have no money to actually buy a ticket, or in this case two tickets. I am pretty sure Bruce wouldn’t appreciate me leaving him behind.

That might actually be another problem…he doesn’t know about the gypsy side of me.

I thought I had her under control.

I don’t.

I had her quiet for a bit is all. I was listening to the Universe, really I was…when my roof started leaking two years ago, I finally got it. I was supposed to stay put, I was supposed to be here for a reason. I get that, I listened. I did what I was told.

But lately, I have been having those crazy thoughts again.

That I want to be somewhere totally new. That I want to be closer to home. That I don’t want to own a money pit anymore.

Because if I didn’t have this house, sucking the money out of my pocket slowly but surely, we COULD be on a beach somewhere.

The gypsy in me could be running free, being all warm and suntanned. Ok maybe I wouldn’t be running, but you get the drift right?

Instead we are here, fighting with a broken furnace…running out of wood, because there is too much damn snow on the mountain to go hunt any…dealing with possessed taps that do whatever the frick they want in the middle of your shower and getting rained on. Every. single. day.

And yes. I am complaining. I try not to most of the time. Really I do. I know I have blessings, I also know what all of them are. I am thankful for that.

The gypsy part of me is not impressed.

The irresponsible in me, wants to come out. Blatantly.

Neither of us are tied to anything here at this point. Well other than Colton needs to finish school. But come June…holy crap, we could just do whatever the hell we wanted to really. Except for the Castle.

It is the only tie down.

The dogs are portable. The Mustang is storable. And I haven’t got a kitten yet.

And you KNOW a travelling cat isn’t out of the question.

But for today, the gypsy in me is just going to have to be content with dreaming and hoping…she will just have to make it through the rain and the broken house shit, and pass on being irresponsible.


Oh well, maybe I need a visit to the spa. For a massage…I can nearly afford that, and an hour is better than nothing at all.

I will let you know how that goes.

Happy Sunday to you all…

8 thoughts on “When logic and magic have nothing to do with each other…

  1. Richard Wiseman

    I think we all feel that because deep down we are all nomads really. All humans were in nomadic tribes until organized agriculture began the rise of the city and then the nation states. Human beings are meant to wander free, eat and feed as and when from what the earth has to offer and not be bound by walls, borders and all the stuff that goes with what history has called progress. Ever read Jared Diamond? Cool stuff. He says the human race has lost a lot since moving away from tribal nomadic life. Celebrate the nomad in you wanting to ‘fly’ south for winter, because your ‘itchy feet’ at this time of year reveal that you are close to being a natural human and not a domesticated or caged human. Have a look, if you haven’t already, at this post of mine and see if it doesn’t match that desire you have to set off in search of the sun; http://179817485388742271.weebly.com/reasonism-blog.html

  2. Dr Mim

    We are seriously working at making this happen… House on market… Plans in place. We shall go somewhere by the sea… Smaller house much smaller debt much bigger life. It may take a awhile but we shall do it….

  3. territerri

    I can relate. I think the cold and the snow just wear me down after a while. I want to either stay in bed all day and night and just sleep… or like you, escape to someplace else.

    Hope you get that massage and that it helps!

  4. Deborah Turner-Davis

    Oh…I know that feeling. I have that feeling just about every day of my life. I believe I was actually meant to live alone. With 3 kids and a husband,dog and cat it ain’t happening. And I’m a scorpio… no planetary explanation. I say go, gypsy… run. Once you get that boy out of school SELL the damn house and run. I’ll meet you on the beach for a margarita?

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