And then a coyote nearly eats your Odie…

And then a coyote nearly eats your Odie…

Odie coyote


The Universe is mental.

It just can’t leave things well enough alone and let there not be any drama.

I am exhausted.

It all started on Friday, we had plans to go to my parents…you see it was their 50th wedding anniversary and my brother and I had secretly planned a surprise dinner with 30 of their closest friends.

Fun right?

Right, except everyone in my whole family except my Mother, my son and my brother had the plague. Bruce and I were on the edge of barely making the trek and the morning we were planning on leaving, Colton woke up with a headache. After much discussion we decided to brave the trip and off we went.

It went perfectly, the ferry was on time, we rested in the truck, everyone was happy. We got to the second ferry and lo and behold, my brother, his lovely lady Jen and the wee prince were two cars in front of us, everything was coming together beautifully!!

And then the Universe got funny, it decided it was bored or something…lets pick the sick family shall we?

We got to Mom and Dad’s and got organized, the plan was to let Colton and Odie stay with the parents, while Bruce, I, the big dog and the kitten were booked into a hotel, my parents house is just too small for all of us to stay there, and Jimmy, Jen and the baby would also be there.

All good.

Off we go to the newly renovated hotel.

Newly renovated my ass.

We walk into the lobby and it absolutely reeks like cigarette smoke.

Strike one.

The room isn’t ready…it’s 2:45.

Strike two.

We go for a drive and as we are leaving we get a peek into the room.

Strike three.

We are now thinking that we will do absolutely anything to get out of staying in this hotel.

We drive around town for a half an hour looking for somewhere new to stay. We strike it rich at the last place.

We then head back to the renovated my ass dive, I figured we should at least check out the room before we tell them there is no way we can stay there.

As we sign in, he tells me the rate. $10 more than I was quoted online.

Strike 4.

It is $20 for the dog, oh didn’t my wife tell you that? No she freaking didn’t.

Strike 5.

So now, it is just as expensive as the beautiful hotel we are moving to right down the road. What?????

Right at that moment, my phone rings…it is my son. I have to come home right away, something had got to Odie and he needs to go to the vet. RIGHT NOW.

They must have seen the panic in my face.

All I said was, “I have to go, now.” I also mentioned I had no idea when we would be back.

We got back to the parents and my little dog was indeed in trouble. He was soaking wet and bleeding from the neck. And totally in shock. We somehow made a plan, or the boys did. I was sort of not coping at that point.

We had not yet checked into the hotel, my kitten was in the truck starving and needing the bathroom, and my little dog was very badly wounded. We all split up and took a job.

At this point, my parents told us we were staying there. Thank god.

Bruce took on the job of the hotel, and getting out of the stay. He did. With no charge, as well as spending at least four hours with Colton and my brother and Dad at the vet making sure Odie was in good hands…

My Mom and I stayed on the home front.

So here is what happened.

While we were in town, Jen was outside getting their stuff out of the car, Odie went out for a pee…absolutely nothing unusual, he was close to the house and we never before really worried too much about the dogs being out when people were outside. There is a very bad coyote problem in Gibsons, and the stories we have heard after the fact have been unbelievable. People have lost their dogs to the coyotes off of the leash, while they were walking them, one was taken right out of a store in the summertime. They are brazen and they are smart.

All we can figure is that Odie was in the wrong place at the wrong time, he probably was being a goof and chasing the ducks away from the pond, which he likes to do…only this day we figure the coyote was watching the ducks, and decided to have a little Odie instead.

The thing about Odie, is that he doesn’t actually know he is a dog. He doesn’t know how big he is.

And if he doesn’t want to do something. He will do everything in his power to get out of the situation.

Hence him living through a coyote attack.

Somehow, he got out of the coyote’s mouth, as far as we can tell, the coyote had his head in his mouth. Seriously. It is a miracle he got away.

Hopefully the coyote got a good claw or two in the eye, or worse.

As my sister in law was unpacking the car, Odie ran by, soaking wet and covered in mud straight into the house. She yelled at him to stop, not knowing he was hurt, but seeing only the mud.

He kept going. Straight into the house, to his people.

Funny that, because that it how it has always been with our family.

If you are in trouble, ever, in any way…we all know  that when you come home, even at high speed covered in mud and this time near death, someone always has your back.

Someone will always make sure that you get the help and the love and the care that you need, no matter what.

Odie is also a very smart dog.

He got a night at the vet, and some really good drugs, he is a little worse for wear with a bad haircut, and a few big holes in his head…we have another check up tomorrow with our vet here at home, but he should recover.

We were pretty damn lucky.

It was a very long weekend for all of us…we all stayed at the house, which was in the end an awesome plan, every one got along great, our kitten and my Mom’s cat just loved each other, and it was great to visit with our whole family.

My parents were surprised with the dinner, though there were a few little slip ups, thanks to Dylan the brat…but Mom didn’t ever really figure it out. All my boys were there, and so many people that I hadn’t seen forever.

As usual, between the turmoil and a few minutes of sheer terror, there was much thankfulness. Much love. And much coughing.

We are all in various stages of recovery. That is good.

I am thankful for everything tonight. I am thankful that my parents have loved each other for over 50 years. I am thankful that they have passed that love and devotion onto us. We are the luckiest kids on earth. Seriously.

I am thankful my goofy little dog is going to recover from this horrible attack. I am thankful he is feisty and goofy, and doesn’t actually know he is a dog.

I am thankful for wee prince giggles.

I am thankful for the most amazing brother and sister in law ever.

I am thankful for compassionate children. Who all love each other so much it makes my eyes water regularly.

I am thankful for a man, that has fit into my family and my life like he has always been here, and embraces us all with love as well as being amused by our antics.

I am mostly thankful for the fact, that no matter what the Universe smacks us with, we survive it. Together. As the best family we can be. Through thick and thin. Through plagues and coyote attacks.

So to all of you, my family and my friends, who are there for us no matter what…thank you, for being part of us.

I love you all xoxo

12 thoughts on “And then a coyote nearly eats your Odie…

  1. mjnightingale

    Tears….such a wonderful outcome…and story….I love reading your posts….I wish I had a family like that! Next life…if I don’t come back as an Otter! lol

  2. Jaye Greene

    Donna, I read your words and am always transported right into the story! Happy Anniversary to your parents…they should serve as an inspiration to us all….Prince giggles and love make the world go round….Glad the wee puppy is none the worse for wear (good drugs fix everything!)….and last but not least, can I just say that you COMPLETELY and TOTALLY deserve the love and devotion of a good and kind man….

  3. Penny

    My dear friend…..I’m so thankful to have been part of the get together & seeing you all !It was awesome!! Poor Odie….I’m so thankful he’s ok :) Sending all you …Positive , healing thoughts ..Hugssssssss& Loves :)

  4. Deborah Turner-Davis

    Wow. You never have boring visits do you? Glad to hear your Odie is doing okay. What a tough little critter. Glad the rest of your visit was good…I also think your brother is pretty awesome, and his lovely lady and that gorgeous little boy. Glad they’re all so happy.

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