I am so predictable, but with men…you just never know.

I am so predictable, but with men…you just never know.

Do you?

First let’s address the about me predictability part, as you can see, I have just changed the blog around. I am happy with how it turned out, but it was way more work that I thought it was going to be.

Things like that always go sideways with me. I get bored and before you know it I am neck deep in html or css with no freaking clue what the hell I am supposed to be doing.

Good thing I got accepted into my Communications Design course today, oh yes I did!!!

I am pretty excited, it is mostly working out the way I hoped. I was actually hoping for a January start, but my choice is September, so I am going to have to make it work.

I also dyed my hair today.

I know, I know…but leaving well enough alone isn’t in my repertoire apparently.

It’s semi permanent, so give it two months til it’s gone. Good thing because then I don’t have to commit. I like that, especially the way I change my mind.

Now when I was in the store for like…um a half an hour…trying to decide what color I wanted to be, I realized I haven’t dramatically changed my hair since I have been with Bruce.

Though on our first date a year and a bit ago, he did comment on my then dark hair, saying I had changed it. I had actually sent him a pic of me blonde and one of me with darker hair before we met, so I am assuming that the blonde one had more effect.

So I was leary about changing it from blonde again, but it was brassy and yucky and I was ready for a wee change.

Now I expected comments. I either expected an “I like it better blonde” or a “What the hell did you do?”

You know what I got?

“Hey Rod Stewart…” Now this isn’t so off the wall, because at the time I had a clip in the top of my hair while I was straightening it and it was kind of mental in the front. It was a little reminiscent of some of the Rod pictures I have seen.

Rod hair

Please excuse the bathroom pictures with zero makeup and crappy quality because it’s my phone.

Mostly just excuse the no makeup.

I am sorry.

I was not going to put it on just for a blog post. I am tired and lazy.

So since the Rod comment, he hasn’t said a word about it.

Either he hates it and is holding back, which I seriously doubt. He is kinda like me that way, there isn’t much of a filter…or it’s dark in here and he can’t see.

Even though I have gone right up to him in the light and looked him right in the eye. Still. Nothing.

I am thinking, it will be delayed reaction. He will read the blog and go, huh??? Or will randomly notice in about a week from now.

Good thing that it isn’t that big of a deal to me, it’s just hair and I change it enough that I don’t expect anyone to say anything every time I have a bored moment :)

And for sure, no comment is better than “I hate it”, right?

So here is a bad bathroom shot of me with my new dark hair and no makeup. Just pretend it’s all good will ya? I will get all fixed up and take a decent picture in the next few days. I promise.


I will also let you know when he finally notices, or if he does, heheheh…

I also promise to try not to get bored anymore this week and do anything else drastic, like add to my family or sell my house. In fact I am heading to bed right now, I can’t try and change the world from there…

And maybe I can make him notice :) not that it matters, really…

Night all…

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