It’s good to be home…

It’s good to be home…


Not that I have been anywhere. I have not. Well except to work, and tonight after work to Comox. Bruce had a Cat Scan tonight at 7 pm. What the hell right? The ride down was a freaking nightmare. Well my nightmare anyway. It was raining cows and horses, that is like cats and dogs, but harder.

Anyone that lives on the North Island knows that the Inland Island Highway in a torrential downpour is taking your life into your hands. The roads have huge ruts, which then fill up with water and will send you and your car hydroplaning right into the ditch.

I hate driving at night anyways, never mind in the insane rain, and actually I wasn’t even driving, but I was there participating, so it counts.

I just wanted to be at home in my pajama’s, which I now thankfully…am.

I have no excuse for not blogging. Well except that I am back to work, and don’t really have anything brilliant to report. That and I am exhausted at night.

I am still fighting this horrific cold/flu or whatever the hell it is, I cough up a lung at least twice a day.

Attractive, I know.

It is maybe why home is so appealing to me right now, my cat doesn’t look at me like I am going to give her the plague, she even sleeps on my chest whilst I am nearly dying, not that it helps much, it definitely does not.

But I have come to appreciate my motley little crew here, and I mean all of us. I love being at home, warm and loved, with all the craziness that the new kitten has added to our lives.

I love being back to work, I have been super busy unpacking and organizing, which I LOVE doing :) It’s good to talk to people again too, not that Bruce isn’t titillating company, he is…but it’s nice to get up in the morning and have a mission and some new folks to chat up.

Hope you are all doing well and looking forward to spring…it’s not far off, thank goodness, sunshine will  be a welcome change won’t it?

Hopefully I will have something hilarious to report soon, you know me, stuff happens pretty regularly…I could use the week off though to get rid of what’s left of this sickness, you know I want to be on my game for the next thing, whatever that may be.

Cheers all!!

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