It’s my Friday…

It’s my Friday…

Tim hortons donut

Even though it’s actually Thursday.

My life is awesome that way. My days off are Friday and Saturday, it is good and it is bad.

Like on Saturday night, when everyone else knows they have one more day off, and I don’t. It’s bad.

But tonight, when you all have one more day left of work and I don’t…it rocks.

And I am tired. It was my first whole week of work this week, and I worked my ass off, as has everyone that is now back. We are like really cute machines and we are getting stuff done.

The nursery is looking awesome and we have loads of great new stock coming in everyday.

You must come by and see us. And buy something. And maybe bring coffee and donuts. We deserve it. We like chocolate, just so ya know. Chocolate anything.

Thank you in advance.

The other cool thing that happened to me today was that I made my friend Deb cry. She in turn then made me cry.

I am not telling you the story, because it is none of your business, but it is all good.

It made me feel good to make her cry, and not because I am mean. I am not. She totally deserved it :)

Ha…figure that out bitches.

Anyways, there is supposed to be a monster storm tomorrow, and we have to go to Courtenay in the morning, so I am hoping I will be able to get a good shot or two to post. I have been lacking in the picture department lately.

Ok, I have been lacking in all departments. Bite me. I have a job you know.

I am going to try and actually post more than one day in a row. I like a good challenge.

So happy Thursday night to all of you and happy Friday to me!!!

And Deb…you made my day doll…thank you for being one of the awesome women in my life xoxo


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