We are all warriors…

We are all warriors…

I have been thinking a lot lately.

Now that should frighten pretty much everyone. Sometimes I scare the hell out of myself. Really.

But not this time.

I was thinking about the women in my life. How lucky I am to have some of the strongest, most amazing women anywhere, surrounding me.

Every single day.

I like to think that it is partly due to the changes I have made in the last 6 years, I have worked hard to be around people that will enhance my life, not make it negative, I deserve some credit for that, I know that I do. I have worked hard to get to the place I am  at right now.

It’s not perfect, by any means, but it is fulfilling…and never boring and the reality of it is, that they are all my choices. Everything I do, every way I react, everything I feel. Everyone that I chose to be in my life, I have chosen, carefully.

I become more aware of myself every day.

That is thanks to all of you. The women that I look up to, and have as friends. We are all fighting our own daily battles. Some days we laugh. Some days we cry. Some days we want to scream at the top of our lungs.

But always, no matter how or what I feel, I have all of you. It gives me the strength I need to be a warrior, because I know I am not alone and at least one of you will have my back. One of you will know exactly what I am going through, where I am coming from, and maybe even where I need to go from there.

That is really an amazing thing. A gift that I don’t take for granted, and one I try hard to return.

When I was younger, I had only a few really close friends that I knew I could count on no matter what, and that I know felt the same about me, some of those friends have left my life, for whatever reason…but some have stayed. Even though we have had distance over the years, gone down totally different roads at different points, there are a few of us who always seem to merge back together no matter what happens. We always get each other.

Pretty cool. Yes.

I have also made some incredible friends in the last two years, one of the very cool benefits of social media and blogging. Some of them I have met in real life, some I have reconnected with and some I only know online. It doesn’t lessen how much you can learn about someone or how close you feel. I have made life long and life changing friends.

I have learned things I otherwise would never have learned, had insight that I might not have had any way to access if it wasn’t for the internet.

I have a group of women that I am in a private group with on Facebook, that have saved me more days than not. They are real. They are smart. They are funny. They say fuck a lot.

I am grateful every day that they want me to be a part of their circle of love and friendship.

And on any given shitty day, one of them will say something funny to make you laugh, or something sad, that makes you put your own shit into perspective. Or just give you a big hug, when there is nothing else you can say or do to make it better.

It has helped me be a better friend.

Online and in real life. When I actually can give a hug. Wipe a tear. Or give a giggle.

Or when I need to be or have “Girlfriends anonymous”. There really is such a thing. And it doesn’t mean what it sounds like. It’s actually backup. Girlfriend style. When you want to do or say something that you know you shouldn’t. For any number of reasons. And there is that one friend that you know you can call that will talk you down. That will save your life. Again. And again. And again.

I am lucky enough to have dear friends like that.

And the miracle about that is… it’s plural, which means there is more than one.

You know who you are.

So here is to all the sisters out there, the warrior princesses that fight the battle every day. Here is to knowing that we have each others backs, that there will always be someone there to hold your hair back when you drink too much wine and give you a strong shake when you really need one. Someone that will tell you when you are being a dumbass, or back you up when he is…

Friends that can tell the difference between what is pissing you off that moment, or what will change a life.

I am sending each and every one of you a huge cyber hug, unless you live close to me, then I am coming in for the real thing.

Thanks for being there, and being the most spectacular group of ladies (and I use that term loosely, thank goodness) I could ever hope to surround myself with.

I am truly blessed.

**If the picture above is you, or someone you love…I would love to add a credit and a link. I found it on Pinterest :) And it’s awesome!

Have a great weekend my friends xoxo

3 thoughts on “We are all warriors…

  1. JanBierens

    Hi Donna,
    We *need* those friends and more importantly we need to be that friend to others. It works both ways.
    Having someone somewhere out there that just knows when you need her/him is awesome. It’s comforting. It’s safe. We have to be careful to not lose those precious people in life. We all need someone and we all need each other…

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