When Postal workers go bananas…

When Postal workers go bananas…

marshmallow bananas

Ok…this is seriously the most bizarre thing to happen to me in recent days.

It’s no big deal, but in its weirdness I have thought about it since it happened.

We stopped at a little gift store in Black Creek on the way home from Courtenay today to look for the perfect gift. I didn’t find it, but that is neither here nor there.

We then went to the little general store where I proceeded to buy 8 marshmallow bananas and Bruce got a coffee.

I was merrily making my way across the parking lot, eating my banana candies…when a car pulled in the parking lot. Now I moved along seeing that the car was wanting to go right where I was walking, and Bruce went behind her.

I got to the truck and got in, casually looking over at the car that had just pulled in.

The lady in the SUV was totally staring me down. I looked away, thinking ok…maybe she thinks she knows me. I look back and she is still staring at me. Not in a good way.

I am like what the hell? I said to Bruce, what is her problem? We both look back over and she is literally snarling at us, like we had just killed her cat or something.

Did I mention that she had a Postal workers uniform on? No? Well, she did. Not that it matters either way.

She then looks at Bruce and mouths…”WHAT?”

We look at each other and are like, what the hell?

At this point he says “roll the window down…”

I am like, no fucking way is that going to happen. The absolute last thing I feel like dealing with is some crazy bitch that has made some insane confrontation up in her head.

I say to him, “Start the car dude…let’s just go home…”

She is still staring at us like we  are mass murderers. She has gotten out of her car, walked around the back and come back again, like she is sure we are going to play demolition derby on our way out with her car when she isn’t looking.

And she watched us until we were out of sight.

Now I am not going to lie to you, I was wondering if she was going to follow us. It was absolutely the weirdest thing ever.

What is up with people that makes them act all mental like that? What was she thinking? Was she pissed because I got her marshmallow bananas?? I mean sheesh, there were lots more left. Was she mad because I walked in front of her? Made an actual effort not to hold her up and get the freak out of her way? Am I funny looking? Was it offensive of me to actually look at her for one second when she was parking???? WHAT????

I suppose that I will never find out the answer to that.

Maybe she had a bad day and I was looking pretty cute and it pissed her off. I mean hey, I did have my new makeup on, and eating marshmallow bananas is pretty cute right?

Whatever it was, I am sure it gave her something to fume about for the rest of the afternoon.

All I can hope for, is that she doesn’t deliver our mail,  because I am pretty sure it wouldn’t end well.

Apparently she has a shitty job that makes her hate everyone around her, possibly for the rest of time, though I can’t for the life of me figure out why. Most of us would love to have that job…just saying.

So to all the happy Postal workers out there, thank you for being awesome, you make up for the scary one or two of you that is out there in the world, trying to live up to actually going postal.

Happy Friday loves…

6 thoughts on “When Postal workers go bananas…

  1. spilledinkguy

    Sounds kind of scary, R.N.P…
    it seems like I always have a bad experience at the post office (either with someone working there or a patron), but that sounds worse than anything I’ve gone through there… yet… anyway! *gulp* :(

  2. Richard Wiseman

    It happens a lot everywhere that sort of thing. It’s about peoples’ internal monologues and their emotional and psychological agenda and nothing to do with the people they encounter when they are in a ‘bad place’ emotionally or psychologically. It’s wrong place, wrong time syndrome and it can end badly, as you pointed out. It’s just random and we all experience it at one time or another with some person who is struggling and sees us as the problem, erroneously, for a moment and we’ll never know why because it’s in their head, their day’s or week’s experiences and in their misbegotten beliefs and ideas, which are often just transitory in them. Human experience is unitary and subjective and so the world really is the way we see it, for each of us; no matter how little sense our words, behaviour or actions seem to others they make some kind of sense to us. I’m sure in her head it all made sense to her.

  3. Bren

    Sheesh! That would freak me out a bit…well maybe more than a bit and I’d be like “WTF bish?” haha Glad ya’ll are safe!

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