Boys will be boys, and we are gonna talk about you…

Boys will be boys, and we are gonna talk about you…


I am going to put my disclaimer first. Just so no one takes this personally.

It’s totally not personal at all, it is just in general.

It is just my observation. Of course it is biased, for exactly that reason.

It’s about men.


Now if you are a man, you can either:

a) Walk away right now…if you are already mad at me, do this…just saying.

b) Read the following blog without getting offended and just take it the way it was meant to be taken, as a learning tool, or as humor…it could go either way at this point.

I am not responsible for the choices that you are about to make.

I also want to say that I started this blog in my head earlier, and it was way better then, because when I come back and sit down to write it out I have forgotten all the good shit that actually made me think it was a good idea to blog about you. Men. That is.

Regardless I will barge forward.

So we all know that life is life, right? We live and love…we disagree and fight…we make up and love again. It is shit that we all live through all the time. Count that lame sentence as part of the disclaimer. Thanks…

I can honestly say that I have never in my life met someone that I like all the time. I can love you more intensely than I will ever show you but I don’t always like you, and that’s ok, I am 100% sure that it is mutual. I can be hard to live with. Deal with. Get along with. Like.

And some days, if it wasn’t for my friends…if it wasn’t for the fact that we all go through it, I would probably be a lonely old lady. They save me, and I like to think I save them. From making stupid choices, from saying stupid things, from making a bad irrational decisions. You know the deal right?

So to the boys, I just want to say to you, if indeed there are actually any of you that have made the¬†conscious decision to read this far…

Don’t be offended when we talk to our friends about you. The good or the bad. We do both, seriously. And if we didn’t talk to our friends about you, if we didn’t get chick feedback…

We would be a bunch of old drunk cat ladies, drinking Vodka together.

And you would be unfed and hanging out at the Legion.

That would suck right? For all of us. At least I think it would, maybe some days you would rather be sleeping in the back hall at the legion that listen to us babble on about the girl shit we sometimes babble on about. It’s mutual. Remember that. It’s not always about you, I know that is hard to believe, but sometimes it’s just really not.

Sometimes you don’t give us what we need when we need it, and that is ok. The thing about girls, is that we know if we call up our bestie that she will give us what we need. Encouragement, a hug, agreement that you are a big fat jerk that day.

It doesn’t mean that she will think that the next time she sees you.

We somehow manage to forgive our friends husbands, usually more easily than our friends do, mostly because we don’t live with you, but we know our friend does and for some reason she loves you.

And for reasons unknown to womankind, that kind of gives you a get out alive card. It stops us from hunting you down and locking you in a cellar until you chose to be a nice guy to our girlfriend.

We know that is illegal.

It doesn’t mean we won’t do it.

Also a good point to remember if you know anyone with a cellar. Or if you have been a bigger jerk than normal to your woman. If both things apply, you may want to start rethinking some stuff, paying more attention and watching what is going on around you.

If there seems to be an excessive amount of rope and whispering going on, you are probably in trouble.


So you see, us talking to our friends about you, really isn’t about you at all. It’s about us, it’s about how we cope day to day with the stupid shit you do, with the stupid shit we do, with the stupid shit we do to each other.

It’s all good, and we totally don’t care that you talk to your friends about us. Really, feel free. I don’t know if men are as forgiving as women, since I am not a man. The difference is we don’t care at all what your friends think about us. I personally got over that when I was 17 or so…and you know what? They are living the exact same thing as you, with a different though probably obviously not as awesome of a girl…

Who is totally talking to her friends about him.

We are all the same, the sooner you get that, the happier we all will be.

Just don’t forget about the rope.

Or the cellars.

It really is in everyone’s best interest to nip it in the bud before it gets that far.

Because I KNOW there is no Vodka allowed in prison. And that would ruin half of the fun wouldn’t it?

Although we would be gettin’ three squares a day and we wouldn’t have to cook, would we?

Hmmm…something to ponder on a bad day I suppose. I have to go, I have some calls to make. :)

I am KIDDING…and luckily, I don’t have a cellar.

Happy love to you all!!

2 thoughts on “Boys will be boys, and we are gonna talk about you…

  1. Kayla

    that really made me smile Id love to see a similar post from a guys perspective but I am not sure they would be equp to produce one!

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