Welcome home OCD…

Welcome home OCD…

It’s a well known fact that I am obsessive compulsive.

Sometimes it is a good thing, sometimes not so much.

Today, as Martha would say, it’s a good thing.  I can’t believe I just wrote that, feel free to smack me. Seriously.

But it is. I cleaned off my counters. Like really cleaned them off.

You see, Bruce also has OCD, but the problem is we have different versions of it.

My version involves clean counters, it is absolutely my biggest pet peeve to have dirty dishes on the counter. Bruce’s version is dirty dishes in the sink. Which doesn’t bother me nearly as much, though I would prefer them to actually make it to the dishwasher where they belong.

Needless to say, there has been a bit of headbutting over both situations.

I am a stubborn bitch, and I figure it is my kitchen. Right? Well not really.  He cooks… and he is a damn good cook. He makes pasta that you would sell your children for. I am not kidding. So sometimes I have to realize that I am not the boss of the kitchen all the time, and I possibly need to relinquish some of my control.

Which. Is. Nearly. Impossible. For. Me.

But I am trying.

So I figured…how could I lessen the impact of him leaving the dishes on the counter???

The only thing I could come up with was to clean it off, so the less crap that is on there normally, the less it would bug me if there were a few dishes sitting there right?

Well not really.

But is looks better and now I have way more cooking and baking space.

I got rid of the 1970’s bread box that I scored at a garage sale. The only thing that it ever housed was moldy bread that had two slices taken out of it and then was forgotten about for weeks on end. We obviously don’t eat much bread. The freezer is a better place for it.

I also moved the microwave to the microwave table that I bought specifically for that, but have never actually used it for. Go figure.

The counter space is amazing. Those two things alone cleared up about 4 feet of space.

Clean kitchen

I also had to move some of my new little transplants upstairs. I had them downstairs on the table in front of the window in the laundry room, but the kitten aka…bunny rabbit from hell… has decided that she loves the baby basil. AND ATE IT ALL.

So I moved my wine rack back upstairs and put all the babies on there. I also started my tomatoes. They are Lola tomatoes…aptly named after my cat I am sure. I just have to make sure she doesn’t eat them like she does everything else.

Between Lola the cat and our black lab Bailey, who by the way, is super cute…even though she is a garbage can, I can barely feed any of us with the produce I grow.


Bailey will eat any vegetable that you throw into her mouth. Old potato with sprouts??? She is in, it will keep her busy for half an hour. Peas growing in the garden? Dog crack…she will pick them herself.

Apparently she is passing her love of veggies down on to the kitten.

So I did this…

Basil and stuff

Old wine rack that she cannot possibly jump up on. So far. At least the starters will actually get to start.

Every day I come home she has come up with a new antic or super power that I never thought was possible in a cat.

She can fly.

Really. Today she went about 4 feet in the air high and wide to land on Odie’s head. She nailed it.

Odie just looks at me. As if I can answer the question of why??? Would I get another head attacking kitten for him to love.

He really does love her, when she is asleep. Or when she is not flying through the air at high rates of speed to land on his face.

I will say that it is fairly amusing though.

I will keep trying to get a video to post as you can’t possibly believe it until you see it.

But speaking of videos…I would like to share one with you before I go today. Because this is just about as awesome as life gets.

I have watched this 20 times and just want to watch it more. It is absolutely the coolest video ever. Watch it right to the end, that is the best part.

Happy Monday friends xoxo


One thought on “Welcome home OCD…

  1. JM Randolph

    Kittens are indeed endowed with super powers. I suspect it won’t be too long before she figures out how to get up to the top of the wine rack.

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