What does my garden grow??

What does my garden grow??

kale bed

Well so far, very little. I am hopeful though.

As you saw the other day I have planted Kale. Shit loads of kale. Enough kale to maybe feed all of our neighborhood for the summer. I have a plan. It is to save myself loads of cash by from now on having enough kale to feed my addiction.

I also planted my brussel sprouts. I grew them for the first time last year and I was totally amazed how awesome they were, even just up to a few weeks ago when I finally pulled the old plants out.


They were well worth the minimum amount of space that they took up. I don’t have much space to plant so every bit needs to be usable.

I made the mistake of planting my garlic in my sunniest garden, which is in the end fine, but next year I need to plan giving up that valuable space better. I will have about 40 cloves of garlic if all goes well. I planted lots of red garlic as well as Musica which has been a great producer for me. Planting it in the fall works best in my yard as I have pretty limited sun here, and the longer it can grow the better off it will be.

I am also trying a new kind of Zucchini this year, as last year mine SUCKED. I have no idea how you don’t grow zucchini, or wait…apparently I do. I only got about 4 weenie little zucs off my plants last year. I want to blame the weather due to the fact that I wasn’t the only one that complained about them rotting when they were small, but come ON. I am going with a Romanesco zucchini this year and we will hopefully have better luck. Apparently they are beautiful as well as nutty. Nice.

In the squash department, we are going to have the usual sunburst summer squash, as I totally adore them. They are great done on the bbq in some butter…as well as a Bush scallop, which I have never tried before.

I have never really rocked the carrot scene before either, but I planted some late last year and they turned out nice, no bugs and sweet…so I am thinking maybe it is time to make the effort, plant them and cover them with some remay so that they get a chance to grow without devastation from the carrot rust fly. I am planting a Rainbow blend from Pacific Northwest seeds.

I will again plant the Viva Italia tomato that I planted last year, it is a Roma and I was absolutely amazed how many tomatoes I got off of one plant, a plant that was in a garden that I pretty much ignore too…it is way out in the front and is hard to water, but there is an amazing amount of sun for my yard and it reflects off of the fence so it is nice and hot. The tomatoes were firm and juicy and held together perfectly in salads or when I roasted and then froze them, and the flavor was fabulous.

This is a picture of it before it started to get going, it is a perfect size for a wee garden where you just want to fill a space up.

Viva Italia

I love planting my veggies mixed in with my flowers, that way I can eat while I admire the beauty, oh and when you are weeding it is handy too because hey…you can always use a snack.

Too bad you can’t grow cider…

I have also loosely made the decision not to plant any potatoes this year. Mostly because I have too much kale, but somewhat because of the space and the fact that potatoes are cheap. I have a extra garbage can that is just sitting in the shed, I was thinking I might take the bottom out of it and stash it in a corner somewhere and try to grow them that way. It is still up in the air though. If I do experiment I will surely let you know how it goes.

The only other exciting thing I can think of is that I bought two packages of poppy seeds. I planted some last year and they held right through into the late fall, this year they have spread and I am thrilled that my garden will be full of them this year, so I decided to add to it with a Purple Gleam and a Shirley double mix from West Coast Seeds.

I think they will mix in beautifully with this one, who’s name I don’t know but already have :)


So what new and amazing things are you growing this year??? I will update on my shenanigans as I find more fun stuff and post pictures when some actual growth starts.

I am hoping that the rain that is forecasted will only help it warm up and water everyone so they grow big and strong.

Ahh….the Wet coast.

Happy planting all!!

2 thoughts on “What does my garden grow??

  1. SpilledInkGuy

    SO impressive, R.N.P… it’s probably a good thing I live in an apartment (or I’d probably feel pretty badly about all plants I couldn’t grow – except for weeds, of course)!
    My parents used to have a big garden – tomatoes were always my favorite! It doesn’t get much better than a fresh, vine-ripened tomato!

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