When I just can’t bloody decide…

When I just can’t bloody decide…

new buds

What the flaming hell I want it to look like around here.

This happens, and by this I mean…

It changes five times an hour. The blog.

Which means, if you are coming here for a visit you will wonder what the hell is going on. You could look away for just an instant, and when you look back all hell has broken loose. You are in a different room with different people, having a totally new conversation.


I promise this. I will eventually find the right look. I really liked my original pink. I have thought of going back to that, because that would be easy and I already know I like it.

But safe is boring.


Absolutely, so that is what puts us in the twilight blog zone.

I sincerely apologize if you have been one of the readers I have messed up. You can use it as an excuse for anything stupid you do this week. Hopefully that makes up for it.

I also hope that I have this all mostly figured out now, and that I won’t be changing it around again.

I go through stages of redecorating hell and eventually move on to something else. I promise.

If I was you, I would just put that out there soon…I will be carried away by something else in no time. Your help will only speed that up.

Unless you like living in a kaleidoscope, and then well, you are so in the right place.

All I can say, is that I am going to bed now, so it will at least stay the same until morning.

There will be no new budding of ideas while I sleep, and if there is I usually forget about them by the time I have had my first coffee.

Happy Monday folks.

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