A day of unfortunate events…

A day of unfortunate events…

A day of unfortunate events…

It was a pretty good day, really. It is a full moon though, and with me, that means stuff is gonna happen.

I wasn’t disappointed.

Here is how the day went…

No. 1

I got the wrong straw…of course.

unfortunate right

Bruce fixed it. Sort of…

Unfortunate clouds

The clouds were just weird on the drive home from Naniamo, did I mention that we went to Naniamo? No? Well we did, to drop Colton off at the ferry, he is going to my parents for the weekend to a bike race :)


Unfortunate if you are really close to the back of Bruce’s truck…

An unfortunate gate

The rain held off, in fact it didn’t rain at all, so on the tour around the yard I thought I should document this..it has been unfortunate for a long time now, like since last summer when I ran into it with the lawnmower, apparently I need to slow down when going  through the gate. I am getting a new gate AND a new fence out of the deal though :)

An unfortunate mouse

And I found this when vacuuming…apparently Odie likes it too, AND it picks up all kinds of hair and dust, a mini mouse swiffer. It actually looks way more disgusting in real life.

no. 2

Maybe I need to pay more attention to my inside plants???

An unfortunate bowl

While I was putting away the dishes, I broke my favorite bowl that I got from my Grandma. Very unfortunate. And just plain sad.

There was some fortunate stuff though…


The Wisteria is nearly open, and totally loaded with flowers this year…

kale everywhere

And the Kale is growing at high speed, and it’s everywhere…


And it’s beautiful!!!


And soon there will be much Arugula. I love Arugula, nearly as much as I love Kale.

That’s about it for today, I am going to go and get a couple of inches of hair cut off later today, because I can. I will post pictures later if I am not crying because I regret it…

Hope you all have a great Saturday :)

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