And then there were heroes…

And then there were heroes…

I should be posting about Kale, it should be a recipe that you all want to try, but it’s not.

It’s a post about our messed up fucking world instead.

It’s a post about terrorists, no let me change that…it is a post about heroes.

None of us should give the terrorists any more attention once they are dead or in jail.

I don’t mean to lessen the losses that happened that day in any way. My heart goes out to all the people injured and killed in such a mindless, useless act of terrorism.

What I mean is that we shouldn’t give the terrorists one more bit of our time.

Investigate it, deal with it, yes.

But don’t make them famous.

Don’t make it something we have to see on the news every single night. Don’t give them any. more. power. at all.

They are cowards, who have no morals and no sense of well…anything apparently.

What the fuck point are they trying to make?


What does terrorism ever accomplish?

You are cowards.

You are losers.

You are just fucking stupid.

We are not afraid of you in any way. We will always prove that there is more good than evil. People will always run towards the disaster to help, not away from it.

We as a human race, are courageous. Unlike you.

We will always outnumber you, and you will never, ever win. Keep trying if you must, but the heroes in the world will always outnumber you, no matter what you do, or how many of us are sacrificed.

The people that died on April 15th are heroes. The people that immediately ran towards those people to help them, without a second thought to their own well being. They. are. heroes.

The people you left with no legs and missing arms, that will learn to live that way, and make life good, and appreciate every single amazing moment that they have to live in this amazing life. They will teach their children, and their children’s children what a hero is. They will teach them the difference between right and wrong, between good and evil…you have only accomplished making us stronger, making us understand those forces more, knowing that good will always prevail.


Which means we win. You are either dead or going to jail. For what? We don’t care why you did it. Your reasons mean absolutely nothing to us, you won’t change anything  by killing people.

So in closing I just want to say that all my love and positive energy goes out to those that sacrificed anything or everything on April 15 2013.

Even though there was terrible loss, my faith in humanity has been restored. My knowing, that we are all, mostly good. Mostly caring. Mostly heroes.

Sometimes is takes tragedy to remind us of that, to remind us of how lucky we are, as humans, to be given compassion and faith.

My love to you all in these sad times…let’s share the good, not the evil. That way, we will always be winners…no matter what race we are in.


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