Those socks look amazing with those sandals…

Those socks look amazing with those sandals…

Said no one. Ever.

It tis the season for bad foot dressing.

Now I have never been a shoe whore. In fact, totally the opposite. I hate buying and wearing shoes.

Shopping for shoes to me, is equivalent to pulling out each and every fingernail with pliers.

But I do know enough to not wear socks with anything that has an open toe, or actually just open anything.

Most of us know this.

The only time it is fashionably acceptable to wear socks with sandals is…well, never.

The one and only, yet still questionable exception is if you are a 90 year old man, who isn’t married and no one has the balls to tell that you that you shouldn’t go out in public wearing that…

It really isn’t a fashion statement that needs to be made outside of your backyard, and even then, don’t do it if you are expecting company.

Running to the grocery store or garden centre to grab something counts as leaving your backyard, just so you know. We can see you. I guess it’s kind of like picking your nose. Lots of people do it in public…but again, WE CAN SEE YOU…and it’s just not ok.

Oh and it’s really really bad to wear flip flops with socks,  because what??? How on earth can that be  comfortable at all??? And it’s not just that you are lazy because it has to take a bit of effort to actually get the thing between your toes with socks on. Way more effort than putting your running shoes on would take.

Which reminds me…if you are going to wear runners and socks, with shorts…which is on the border line of being not ok…at least push your socks down. Don’t wear them pulled as tight as they will go up to your knees, ok? It just looks well, awkward.

Just make it stop.


If you don’t ever wear socks and sandals, I am sorry, because good luck getting that image out of your head today :) Or ever.

Sometimes tough love is the only answer.

Happy Thursday friends…

3 thoughts on “Those socks look amazing with those sandals…

  1. Bren

    OMG Donna! Did you really have to post that last picture? EWWWWW!!!! Home boy has NO swagger! :) I know what you mean about the socks and sandals. That’s just gross but it is a “fad” with the younger boys down this way. They were the dark color “close to” knee hi socks with flip flops, you know like those Adidas kind. Grosses me out! Thanks for the giggles!

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