Who writes this crap??

Who writes this crap??

And how do we do them in and take their jobs. Or at least give the jobs to someone, anyone with a half a brain.

I am talking about commercials.

I mean why can’t people write a decent bloody commercial.

It can’t be that hard. Can it?

I am telling you this,  the stupid Kraft dinner commercial that is on right now, is in NO WAY going to change my mind that eating Kraft dinner is ever going to be a good idea.

It only confirms that my choice is a solid one and  KD is crap, full of preservatives that desperate single college boys eat, for lack of any cooking skills, no decision making skills and lets say no money. If you haven’t seen it before, here you go.

If you are going to sell something that tastes disgusting, at least try and trick us.

Like Tim Hortons does.

You know that commercial that shows the amazingly delicious looking grilled cheese sandwich? It’s not. In fact in a world where I thought it would be absolutely impossible to screw up something as simple as a grilled cheese sandwich, they did it.

And I am going to tell you something that I don’t admit to very often. I love grilled cheese sandwiches with a nice fresh white bread and the extra thick Kraft process cheese (we call it plastic cheese, because… well… it is). Seriously. I do, with salt and pepper. Yum.

Tim Hortons, is NOT like that. It is dry and has well, no cheese to speak of, plastic or not.


And does this little girl look a wee bit insane? Or is it just me…we really need to watch what we feed our kids apparently.

And this commercial…there are no words, so I am going to make you watch it.

What the FLAMING HELL is that all about? If you think that this is ANY family ANYWHERE, you are seriously out of your freaking mind. I am totally embarrassed when this commercial comes on, I actually have to change it, or get up and leave. Because it insults every last little bit of self respect I have left.

There is a car commercial that I hate too, but I hate it so much that I can’t even think of what kind of car it is. I just know I want to beat the hell out of both of the guys in the car.

Whatever happened to ads like this, with classy guys like Richardo Montalbán?


The good old days of common sense and classy salesmanship has apparently flown out the window with every other good sense we ever had.

Where are these ladies now? I mean they could totally teach us a thing or two right?


I am really glad that summer is just around the bend, winter TV has nearly done me in between the commercials and all the absolutely ridiculous reality TV…just the commercials for those make me want to throw our TV onto the highway.

Sorry about the bad commercial sharing…hope you all have a fantastic Tuesday :)

Watch the below video, just for a laugh, it’s totally cute ;)

6 thoughts on “Who writes this crap??

  1. mjnightingale

    I SOOOOOOO agree….most are crap…although… I do like the paint commercial with the Camelians! (I can’t spell that and neither can spell check!) or… the one about your I phone and taking pictures…only the end where the little girl in the bunny jammie’s laughs and hides her face….other then that….I hate them too! The one I remember as a child….Mr. Bubbles commercial…”There’s a MAN in my bathtub!” Loved that one as a child…..

  2. ash

    I know!! Makes me glad I barely watch tv. You should see the ads here…all bogans with overdone aussie accents saying ‘mate’ and ‘she’ll be right’ every 2 seconds to try and be ‘relatable’ or something…

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