Mother’s Day surprises…

Mother’s Day surprises…

Mother’s Day surprises…

Well as usual, I am late.

Late in saying Happy Mother’s day to all the fabulous Mom’s out there.

I hope your day was relaxing and you got spoiled rotten.

Like I did.

I just want to say right now, that I have the most fantastic children on the planet. I do, none of you are as lucky as me. I don’t want to make anyone gag because I am bragging so much, because we all hate that, but too bad…it’s true.


So firstly, Bruce came into the garden centre and asked me what I wanted for Mother’s day, even though I am not his mom. Nice. Because……I had my eye on this. It’s the most amazing Rhodo I have ever witnessed, and I really wanted to buy myself one. Now I have it, all ready to plant next sunny day. Her name is September Song.  Happy.

Thanks sweetie :) xoxo

September Song Rhodo

And then…my youngest son Colton, gave me my present early, like on Saturday night, because he knew I had to work on Sunday morning, and I am pretty sure he thought he would escape the kiss he would have to give me if I got my present early. Wrong. I still woke him up at 8:30 Sunday morning and made him kiss me, plus I got some excellent dark chocolate deliciousness a day early.

He knows what I like in chocolate :)

On Sunday,  like I said, I worked. I don’t usually hear from my oldest son early in the morning, especially now that he doesn’t live at home :) We were screaming busy at work, and I didn’t really have time to worry about what he was up to.

Sometimes that is a downfall, with Dylan you need to pay attention or he will get you, he will get you good, and make you cry, in front of a whole bunch of people you don’t know, and while he is making you cry you will be dancing, but let me just start at the beginning.

There were many people in the store, as you would expect on Mother’s day.  As usual I was doing 5 things at once, when suddenly my boss Nigel wanted to talk to me about “barn stuff”…now at this point, I am like…ok, weird but ok. The timing for that conversation may be a little off, BECAUSE WE ARE TOO BUSY…but he is the boss right?

So he takes me out to the barn, on the way having a somewhat twilight zone conversation about how much tree and shrub fertilizer we had left, which was pretty much none. Which I knew, and was planning on ordering on Monday, he then keeps the conversation going, as we check the barn for the maybe hiding fertilizer, and then makes sure to tell me to keep the pallets that the fert is on because we get money back for them.

This would be a pretty normal conversation if we weren’t so busy, and I, for a moment, thought that my boss had bashed his head on the door way harder than we thought he did the day before.

We finally finish discussing the missing product, and while I was going back to the store noticed that Bruce was in the parking lot. The very full parking lot. Which usually means he has brought me a coffee…I quickly ran and gave him a thank you kiss, and headed back into the store.

The first thing that I notice, is that the music is CRANKED. I look at Ashton and say, “why the hell is the music so loud??? It’s too busy for the music to be that loud…”

He tells me not to worry about it, and that there was someone up front that needed my help.

I start walking to the front and mouth to Shauna, “what’s up with the music??” I love loud tunes, don’t get me wrong, but WHAT?? I mean it was loud, and the beatles were cranking out I believe it was Love me Do…

The reason I can’t remember the song, is that right then, my oldest son grabs me from out of the crowd of people and makes me start dancing with him. In front of everyone.

He hugs me, says Happy Mother’s Day and he loves me. I am now crying. Like really crying.

Not because I am not going insane like I thought I was, not because I had been duped with 20 witnesses, but because he took the time to think it up, because he was dancing with me. Because I never saw it coming.

And then he gave me Cheesecake. Raspberry white chocolate cheesecake.

Raspberry cheesecake

I ate it before I ate my sandwich…well not the whole thing, but at least six bites, but I did remember that I should take a picture of it before I took more than one bite. I mean blog worthy is blog worthy right?

And it is seriously the most amazing cheesecake I have ever tasted. He won’t tell me where he got it, so if any of you recognize it, let me know where there is more. Please.

I then came home to a pasta supper with all my boys. Bruce makes killer pasta. I should seriously be thirty pounds heavier than I am.

And by the way, today I am back to eating properly, even though I am sure that cheesecake doesn’t have a calorie in it, heehehe…and there is still a bit left in my fridge.

My mom told me to eat it all at once and then the calories wouldn’t matter, she probably has a point, but I want it to last forever.

Like the memories will.

So thank you to my boys, whom I am sure won’t ever read this…but thank you anyway,  for being the best kids, even when I feel like some days my Mom skills are lacking. I must have done something right to raise such fabulous men.

Thank you to my Mom…for being my Mom, and my best friend. For always listening when I whine, for cheering me on when I am challenged and loving me no matter what.

I am so blessed to have you for my Mom.

And happy belated Mother’s Day to all of you that take the time to read this silly blog and listen to my ramblings.

Here is to us, for everything we go through, for all the crap we deal with every day, the puke…the diapers, the scraped knees and the stitches,  the first loves, the teenage years, the sadness when they finally move out…and the hugs, the kisses and the giggles that are part of our lives as Moms.

I wouldn’t trade one second of it, for anything.

Happy Belated Mother’s day my friends xoxox

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  1. Deborah Turner-Davis

    You are awesome…an awesome mom and a great friend. This is a wonderful post…I felt like I was there, in that crowd of bemused strangers watching your son dance you around. Hug!

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