Really people…really???

Really people…really???

Every day, humanity either amuses me or scares the shit out of me.

Some days…both.

Throw politics into the pot and shit is going to fly right?

We are having an election here on Tuesday. It is a provincial election for the Premier of British Columbia.

Now let me just say right here and now, that I am NOT political in any way.  At all.

But in the same breathe, I vote… always.

I am by no means an expert on any of the people running, and I may be wrong on some levels when making my choice in who I vote for.

But I vote.

We should all vote. Every single one of us.

You have no excuse not to. Really.

The big thing I go on generally, is gut feeling. I watch people. I assess how they act as a rule.

I don’t care about ad bashing campaigns, you will lose my attention in a fucking heartbeat if you are just an asshole to your competitor.

Call it like it is, sure…I am okay with that, but when it comes down to it, I want to know what you are going to do to make my life better, to make my children’s life better. Because you know what? We have fucked this country up something good.

Don’t take it down more, tell me how you are going to make it better…

I have never shared my political views with anyone before. I keep it to myself, and make the choice that I think will eventually have a better ending than the alternative. I am usually right.

This time I am doing a 180°.

My choice is, I believe…the best one of all of the choices.

It is what I think will help to change my children’s lives for the better.

So the slamming that is going on is redundant.

Today Christy Clark voted, and she made a mistake. So she asked for her ballot back, realizing her mistake…crossed it off and put the right name down instead.

The media is running like a bat outta hell with that.

But really?

If that is all you have on the girl, you guys are fucked.

She is human, and this is 100% my opinion, but she is owning being human. She fucks up, ya…she owns it…ya.

You know what? We all have stupid shit going on all the time. You know you do…we run red lights, with our kids in the car. Don’t even try and tell me you haven’t done that, or something close to that. We are human. Shit happens, we make stupid mistakes. Every day, all of us.

But she hasn’t been convicted of falsifying a memo to protect her boss at the time, and inevitably her job. Has she?

She has never been fired, well not that I have ever heard of, for above said action.

Now I understand that we all make mistakes. As humans. I get that.

I also get the fact that running through a red light, because you actually made a bad choice when it was red, you looked around and there were no other cars, and maybe you just had a fucked up day and wanted to go home…is different that saying… lets fuck with shit so we don’t all get fired, cause we are going to rip some shit up that we shouldn’t actually be doing at all.

There is a difference right?

Once a crook. Always a crook.

Falsifying documents to cover your boss’s  and your own ass, is not a mistake. It is a conscious decision that you have made with thought involved. It is crookery. That is my new word. I made it up.

And it’s not ok.

So yes… right now  my choice is obvious. I am going to pick the candidate that is real. That is human. That owns that we make mistakes, that sometimes we say things before we actually think them through, but in the end, we have to think about our kids futures, we have to think about our environment and our province. I believe that she is doing that.

We have to be sustainable and safe at the same time. It is a hard line to walk. You have to realize that natural gas and oil will help sustain us now that logging has waned to what it has, things are looking up because we are realizing that we have to redo what we have managed to destroy in order for future generations to prosper.

I see the town that I am living in on the up-rise…I see optimism for the first time in about 15 years. I see growth, I see employment, I see hope.

If it takes me voting for a change, voting like I never would have 5 years ago, so be it.

Politics are like having a boyfriend.

You meet, you fall and you hope that your choice was solid. Sometimes we rock it, sometimes not so much…

But vote.

No matter what your choice is, make one. It’s the only way we will ever change things.

Happy Friday loves… xoxox


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