Spring be damned…

Spring be damned…

Spring be damned…

Today on the Island…we bypassed spring. It was 29° at 5pm tonight as I was leaving work.

Holy hell in a handbasket…talk about crazy spring weather.

Last year I was wearing my long johns well into June.

This year, I am being a daredevil and already have some of my annual flowers outside.


I know…but I do.

I bought this one today…before they are all gone. Her name is Double Rose Chai Calibrachoa (kal-ih-bruh-KO-uh) I am in love with these little flowers, because they are well, GORGEOUS!!!!!

Double Rose Chai

I know right???

How freaking amazing is THAT!?!!

I also have these lovely little beauties in a hanging basket all by themselves, and yes, they are out hanging in the back yard already. These are Pink Vein Calibrachoa.

Pink Vein Calibrachoa

The Blue Orchard Mason bees are very busy (the boys are all done with the humping apparently, and seem to be gone…they don’t do any of the work and only live to mate and then they die) the girls do all the work, go figure…and are working like mad, they are so fast it was hard to get a good picture of them :)

Blue Orchard Mason Bees

The hole right beside the little bee bum is all done and plugged with mud, and if you look about three up from that, you can see another bum in the tube. How cute is that!!!!

And this totally has nothing to do with anything, except that I LOVE IT…I bought a new purse on Friday. I got it at Value Village for half the price it would have been new, and it has barely if ever been used. Nice…

Kathy Van Zeeland Purse

Some girls like shoes…I would seriously go barefoot to have a great purse instead :)

So back to the garden…

I made this mason bee house all by myself, I even got to use a blow torch to burn the little sharp bits off, the only problem is…I am pretty sure the holes are too big for the bees, so I will put straws inside it on Wednesday. And just so you know, Bruce measured the holes NOT me, just saying :)

Mason Bee House

And last but not least, the Arugula in my cute little pot. It’s just so hearty looking and delicious I had to take a picture :)


Tomorrow we are off to Victoria for the day, yes that is right…gah, three hours each way but we are day tripping it. I am sure there will be some kind of shenanigans to report.

Happy Monday luvvies!!

4 thoughts on “Spring be damned…

  1. deborahtd

    HA! Yesterday was the first day we hit double digits in Whitehorse. We have had a GRUESOME non spring. I’ve said fuck it and worn spring clothes for weeks, frostbite be damned! I too love Calibrachoa … our garden centres won’t be open for a couple of weeks yet though. Can’t wait to get my hands in warm soil. Still frosty an inch down.

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