Target…I thought you were the one.

Target…I thought you were the one.

Really, I did. I had unreasonably high hopes that you would be the box store that would change my mind about box stores.

I was wrong. You let me down, just like all the others have.

It looked impressive from the outside, with your big red balls everywhere and your fancy new face lift, but when I actually went into the store, on opening day, which was well…today. It all felt vaguely familiar.

And cheap.

You talked a good talk in the beginning, you made me think this would be a new and wonderful relationship.

It sounded like you were going to go the extra mile.

I am not seeing that so much. It’s only the first day.

So things aren’t looking good.

Mossimo doesn’t impress me. To tell you the truth, I like the clothes at Superstore made by Joe Fresh more, they are cheaper and last forever. And they aren’t made for pipsqueaks…

I am 48 years old, I don’t fit pipsqueak clothes anymore. Period.

Nor do I do ugly. Which, in your store is the alternative to pipsqueak.

I liked your store more when it was Zellers. I really did.

It is white and red, oh yes it is…I am totally all about being a patriotic Canadian, but you are just faking it, trying to be one of us, and you are really not.

We are Canadians. We live in the country. We like stuff that lasts. Stuff that you can beat the crap out of and it keeps going, you know like the energizer bunny?

We cut wood and climb mountains, we camp in the rain and the wind, your half-assed-made-in-China stuff isn’t going to live up to our lifestyle.

We need more. We need tough.

Not that I have ever needed convincing that small business is the way to go…I will never come out wrong giving the little guy my hard earned money over the big assed conglomerates that don’t even know I am alive, with staff that won’t even make eye contact for fear of maybe having to have an actual conversation about the stuff they are trying to sell me.

Our business at the garden centre is proof that small business will out do you every. single. time. when it comes to customer service and quality.

So Target, I will probably not be one of your biggest shoppers, I am not even sure that I have any future intention of going back again.

I would rather support Canadian. I would rather give my money to the little guy, who can build stuff tough and back it up with some good advice, some eye contact and a smile or two.

And I already have some pretty cool neighbours…some neighbours that really are Canadian, so I think I am good.

Nice try Target…nice try.

3 thoughts on “Target…I thought you were the one.

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  2. ash

    Replace Canadian with Australian, and yeah…the same here…and when I see something in a catalogue that convinces me to venture in, there’s an approximately 0.03% of a chance they’ll actually have it on store. Grrr. Small things, but there ya go x

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