Things that I did today…

Things that I did today…

Things that I did today…

It was one of those days today. I should have rolled over, written the day off and just gone back to sleep.

I woke up early enough, I didn’t have to work until 10:30 and I had to go to the College first.

To register for my Web Design course.

Exciting, hell ya. I still don’t have the funding yet, so I am just taking it one step at a time.

I lazed in bed for too long, not paying attention to the time…By the time I catch up on everything I need to do, it’s late. Like about 20 minutes late.

No biggie. I can catch up to myself…no eyeliner buys me at least 5 extra minutes, and thank god my clothes were not all over the universe.

I make my delicious morning smoothie, raisin bread that I actually don’t burn for a change, lunch packed, right on time…I am ready to roll.

So I take my stuff out to the truck, thinking to myself I should make two trips, too much stuff for one load…

Ya, I make it to the truck alright, put my smoothie on the console and get everything organized in the back seat, meanwhile juggling my nearly cold toast.

I jump into the truck and instantly smash into the smoothie cup with my elbow, sending said smoothie flying across the back of the truck. All. Over. The. Floor.

Apparently the lid wasn’t on tight.

Insert the work F*&k.

I fly to the back of the truck, to get my new purse out of the waterfall of smoothie that is racing towards it. F#$k.

It then took me about 5 dishtowels, two huge handfuls of paper towel and a shopping bag to throw it all in to get it cleaned up. What a bloody mess, I mean at least it smelled fresh in my truck afterwards, but really?

I am now 15 minutes late. With no smoothie. Sucky. Because my morning smoothie is like crack, once you have one…you need it in the morning.

I somehow without incident manage to get my classes set up, and my registration fee paid. I also decide that since it is right on the way, I am going to stop and get a booster juice. Just for the record it costs me under a dollar to make my smoothie. Less if I pick half the stuff out of my garden.

Booster Juice=$6.75.

Holy mother of god, really?

They totally depend on people like me that spill the first smoothie of the day all over their truck and desperately need another one. It was really good though, and I was desperate.


I  roar into work  just after ten thirty.

As I am walking to the front of the store I am zipping my fairly new gray jacket up and the zipper breaks, like just flies apart. WHAT. THE. HELL. Costco…your jackets suck. That is the second one to blow on me.

Broken zipper

The weather was fairly nasty this morning, so thankfully it wasn’t  too terribly busy and I just puttered around cleaning and rearranging the store. Who needs a zippered jacket anyway right?

I had two spots on the wall that I had to get filled in with stuff, and today was a perfect day to do it. I was nearly done and was just putting the last nail in, when a picture, that I had forgotten was above me…


Stop laughing, it’s totally not funny. I have a goose egg the size of a bloody golf ball. The wall looks awesome, and I think I might have some brain damage, look how the picture is at the top, the one that clocked me. That will teach it. I put it up sideways and never noticed til I was editing the picture. Ha…dumbass. It is still like that, I hope I have enough memory left to remember to put it right tomorrow.


They say it comes in threes. So Universe, that’s three. Can you be done with me messing up for just a few days now?

I sort of need some recovery time from today. And I need for my concussion to heal up. And I have to go buy a new coat. I already have my smoothie ready for blending in the morning, maybe this time I will actually get to taste it.

But I will probably burn my toast.

Happy hump day loves xoxo

3 thoughts on “Things that I did today…

  1. Astrid

    Good day you were having lol Don’t buy new jacket just replace zipper pull If you still like the jacket that is.

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