What’s new Magoo???

What’s new Magoo???

What’s new Magoo???

Well it’s Sunday…that’s nothing new, the fact that I didn’t get my post done last night is also nothing new.

It was a busy weekend though, and I did get new hair, a new phone and we went wood hunting. Of course.

Now lets start with the hair.


Ok, I have streaked my own hair for like well…ever. I use the same kit I have used since I was 16. Every time.

I have only had one or maybe three minor screw ups. But now that my hair is straight and long, I am a little gun shy. I am not sure that I will not mess it up.

So I go to the hairdresser.

Now I adore my hairdresser, she fits me in whenever, even if it doesn’t work for her, she has saved my life many times. As she did this weekend when I pretty much busted my way into an appointment.

And she streaked my hair for me. With foils.

And dammit, I was blonde. Like summer bleach blonde.


I hope she doesn’t read this and write me off the planet forever and ever, but I just couldn’t do that much blonde, I don’t know what is happening to me in my old age but I just didn’t feel like I could pull it off.

So last night, I reverse streaked it just a bit, which means I added a little of the dark blonde back into my hair.

I mean absolutely no offense to my hairdresser…darling, it’s totally me not you :) And now I love it, I really do!!!

Next up, the new phone…my other phone rocked. I have had an LG Optimus 3D now for nearly two years. I have dropped it a million times, had to get the glass replaced after the driveway incident…and finally had to surrender to the fact it was time for a new one.

I passed it down to Colton. I am too cheap to pay for him to have a data plan, so it works great for what he uses it for.

The new phone is great. It is fast and has amazing graphics.

Introducing the LG Optimus G…


I like it…

Then there was wood hunting. It was an awesome day, it is always an awesome day when we go up the mountain, and yesterday we cleared a road to nowhere, thinking it went somewhere, when it actually didn’t. Which we found out after we cleared a path.

But we got us some wood.

logging road

Someone else had worse problems than us…

Sunken boat

An unfortunate boating day I would say.

The old trestles that are everywhere are so cool…

Trestle saturday drive 040

It is absolutely amazing how they built things like this way back when…

And how cool is this?

logging road fun

Horse logging?? In 1982?? Really…I was graduating that year, so that makes me, like…ancient.

Damn it.

I took a few other shots, nothing spectacular…and then my battery died.

I always miss the good shots at that point, because right after that, we saw a Sasquatch. Seriously. I would have got the best shot ever. Bruce said I should just describe how bad he smelled, I told Bruce he should stop being an exaggerator…

All I would have needed were the pictures.

There is always next week, right?

Happy Sunday night friends xoxo

2 thoughts on “What’s new Magoo???

  1. mjnightingale

    Went to get my hair done….2 hours later I had pure white and red streaks…like the American flag! 4 hours later I come out dark, dark red with plops of even darker red on top of my head….$125 and all I got was…”It will fade”…WHAT? I’m suppose to walk around looking like this till it dose???? Damn! She has done my hair several times…last time Perfect! This time NOT! It is funny though…watching friends being nice by not saying anything!

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