When Blondie doesn’t even begin to describe me…

When Blondie doesn’t even begin to describe me…

Have you ever had that day?

You know the one I am talking about right? The one when you wonder how the hell you can actually make it through the day, or the week for that matter.

Welcome to me.

I have been trying to get my paperwork all done to get funding to go back to school. I thought it would be a breeze. It’s not. It is stuff that I am totally uncomfortable doing. I have to do informational interviews to make sure that my schooling will actually get me a job in the field  I want to go into.

The first crappy thing I find out is that most people look for experience before the schooling.


I mean I am pretty self taught, everything I have done on this blog or my past websites I have taught myself, but I feel like I am not experienced or learned enough on the art of code. I know this course will benefit me in expanding my career options. I just need to convince them of that.

So I have started going online, looking at different web design companies and sending off the emails.

First mistake. You need to make it not seem like spam.


But then, I get an answer.

Yay!! Or so I thought. He says the answers to my questions are below.

I am like, no they aren’t. I can’t see anything in his response that looks like an answer. I send a message back saying that I can’t see it.

He sends me one back, saying he has bolded answers.

I still can’t fucking see it.

Now it is this point that my brain should maybe have clicked in right? Right…

It didn’t.

I temporarily give up and move along.

Tonight I got another email from a different company and guess what? Same bloody thing.

Now at this point I know it is me not them.


I go into my settings, because against my will and without my say, I have been forced to use Outlook in place of hotmail. Why they had to change it all is beyond me, but whatever. I still flail around trying to figure it out.

I can’t see anything that is out of place, turned off or going to mess my messages up.

And then it occurs to me that hey…maybe dumbass they have typed the damn answers beside my questions.


Obviously not.

So down I scroll…like wayyy down, and lo and behold, there are the answers to my questions.


I go back to the first message…guess what? Magically…there are the damn answers.

Blonde much?

How is it that my brain sometimes only functions a fraction of what I know I am capable of? How the hell am I going to make it through school with stupid crap like that going on?

Apparently I need to up the brain vitamins a little bit, because that was probably the biggest brain fart I have had in a while. I pride myself on the fact that I am a total geek and can mostly figure stuff out on the computer that other people don’t get.

The fact that I can’t operate a bloody email message isn’t going to show too well on my resume I am thinking.

So for today, I am just owning it. It was all me and my lack of scrolling ability, or common sense enough to know that the easiest way to answer a question type email, is to actually use the original email and put the answers by the questions themselves.

It’s a good thing I can fake cute.

At least I think I can.

And email lesson learned.

But I still hate Outlook.

Maybe I could get a job there when I am done school, I could add into the FAQ’s not to be a dumbass when you read your replies.

It’s something to work towards right?

Tomorrow I have a three hour course on Job trends…hopefully that will give me some helpful tips that I am overlooking now.

I better go to sleep or I am not going to fathom that either…

Happy Thursday everyone xoxo


2 thoughts on “When Blondie doesn’t even begin to describe me…

  1. DrMim

    Two words…meno brain. Seriously it does happen and it does get better. I have had similar stuff happen to me.

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