When the crap hits the fan.

When the crap hits the fan.

When the crap hits the fan.

Somedays…all you can do is duck.


It is May. We are b.u.s.y. at work, which is good, and we like it…but by the end of May, you kind of feel like you got ran over by a truck. A really big truck.

You start to speak in tongues and people start to wonder if maybe there is something horribly wrong with you that they just never noticed before.

You sort of start to wonder that yourself.

The days go fast, but by the end of them, the last  thing you feel like doing is going home and doing more, but we all do. Life goes on at home too.

My family always gets ripped off at this time of year with me being not so creative with food. Baking is marathon and in random spurts if it happens at all.

Tonight was one of those nights. I went out and finally picked the very ready Rhubarb that was out of control in my garden. I have never been known to waste Rhubarb, even if I have to cheat. Which I did tonight. I used an already made pie crust. GASP…

I know I know…and the only thing that made it ok, is that I can rock a pie crust at the best of times. I can’t make a cake to save my life, but I can make a pie.

Tonight though, I cheated. If you have never tried this before:


You should. It is delicious, and I have tried every cheater pie crust there is. This one wins hands down.


You can make a pie that looks like this. Please also notice my cheating cookies in the background. You can find out how to make these in about a minute here.

Now before you go all manic and start baking stuff, I learned something else in the last couple of weeks too. Sometimes I remember to do it, sometimes I don’t, but the more I practice, the better I am getting at it.

It is breathing.

You know, like stopping the freaky panic you feel setting in by just stopping. Take ten seconds, get your shit together and breathe.

Life will still be whirling around without you while you stop, but when you jump back into it all, you have a bit more of a grip on it.

It really works, and has saved a few lives in the last few weeks.

And I am thankful. That I have a job, that I have a family, that I have to much to do and can always manage to get it all done, mostly done… with a fair bit of cheating some days.

Cleaning the oven tinfoil at ten at night because I spilled Rhubarb pie all over it,  isn’t unheard of.

And there is pie. I am thankful for pie.

I love me some pie.

And here is a spring preview of the summer flowers, just because they are pretty…

The following is Pretty Much Picasso Petunia, one of my favorite hanging basket plants, one of these babies to a 12″ pot and you are good to go, seriously.

Pretty Much Picasso

This one is called White Russian, so amazing…

White Russian Supertunia

And last but not least, this beautiful little fuchsia, who’s name totally eludes me…


Pretty enough to stop everything, just for a minute. And…breathe.

Happy Tuesday my loves xoxo


4 thoughts on “When the crap hits the fan.

  1. mjnightingale

    When I was growing up my mom use to make THE best Rhubarb pie! Makes my mouth water just thinking bout it! Yes….I am so tired at times I just want to go to bed when I get home….my kids are grown thank God! Breathing!

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