A barrel full of monkeys…

A barrel full of monkeys…

A barrel full of monkeys…

Yep…that is what I have for you tonight. Not just one rant, but many different subjects, some real life bitches and some random shit that mostly makes me happy, and I thought maybe it might make you happy too. So I want to share. I’m cool like that…

Hopefully you all survived the full moon/super moon/solstice weekend unscathed. All good here. Thankfully.

The first thing on my list of things to talk about tonight is the fact that I want to apologize for the couple of stray posts that have made their way into your email or on your Facebook page, that weren’t really there at all.

I am trying to blog on my phone. Trying being the operative term here. Or not so much.

I suck at it. I am used to the old platform which, when you hit save would automatically send it to draft. This one just bloody publishes. I have done it twice now. You think I would clue in. Eventually. So that is what that is all about. Sorry. I really wasn’t spamming you.

Speaking of blogging, with the loss of Google reader (apparently the story of the week) some people seem to be lost, wondering how they are going to follow all the  blogs they love. I have never used the Google reader much, I use WordPress reader as a rule, but Bloglovin’ has a great reader AND you can transfer all the blogs you love with the click of a button from your existing Google reader, click on the link above or on the left hand side of the homepage under my mug shot and go check it out, hopefully it will be a good substitute if you are soon to be reader-less. And thanks to Bren over at My Girly Parts for that tidbit!!!

I would also just like to bitch about the weather. It is wreaking havoc in our country. My thoughts go out to all the people affected in the Alberta floods. The devastation is unbelievable. It’s time for summer already, or maybe time to move to Whitehorse, the weather is beautiful there. It might even be classified as really being summer.

Another thing that is bugging me a little…is the new fad on Pinterest. People add the recipe or instructions right to the pin. I totally get that it is easier to pin more if you have all the directions right there, but part of the Pinterest draw is to find great new websites and blogs. That is why I use it, I wouldn’t have found half of the amazing blogs I read without it, so please remember, if you pin…go to the persons blog, check it out, it’s a lot of work to get a great post up and running, and really…it is the least you can do :)

And the thing that made me go hmmm today was this. I was texting Bruce this morning, and we were talking about something that made me say “bugger”.

And then, there was an absolute Auto Correct fail.

My phone which is brand new, guessed the word “bugger” to be “niggardly”. Can you say WHAT?  How the hell did that word get in there to begin with? And secondly…what the hell? That is not okay with me at all. I seriously think there needs to be a bit of reprogramming going on there on some level? Agreed?

HUGE FAIL. And rant over.

To end things off I have saved you the good stuff, even though I have “pictured” you to death in the last couple of days…I have more, because I work in a garden centre, and it’s pretty damn beautiful there right now.

This beauty is called Ketchup and mustard, for the obvious reasons.

Ketchup and Mustard Rose

I want to say I know which rose this is, but I just don’t, Sunstruck would be my closest guess, but I am not sure, she is beautiful though…

Shauna, Janis??? Leave the name in the comments would ya?

Water drops on rose

June rain on rose

And my Niobe Clematis…which just blows me away, as you can tell by the 14 million pictures I have posted of it.

Niobe Clematis

And this is absolutely my favorite rose, her name is Pearly Gates… If I didn’t have deer, this would so be in my yard…

Pearly Gates Rose

Well that’s it for today, I have about 50 blogs to go catch up on now, and it’s cold and rainy out so I may just go to bed and do that…

Night all, hope your Tuesday is fabulous xoxo

7 thoughts on “A barrel full of monkeys…

  1. Bren

    Hey girl and thanks for the shout out! Sounds like you’re still having a case of the meno’s like me. Bah humbug! Wanna run away for a bit? ;) I closed my account on Pinterest. Wasn’t using it and believe it or not, some co-workers founds some pins and tracked me to My Girly Parts. EEK! Don’t want them reading my stuff, ya know? Plus it really wasn’t sending any blog traffic my way either.

    Love the flower pics! They are totally awesome!

    1. The Redneck Princess Post author

      I have gotten a fair amount from it, I have done a few do-it-yourself posts that I have got some serious hits from. And lol about the co-workers, my girls read my blog and I am thankful for that. I don’t have much of a filter so they already know what I am about :)

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