Happy Father’s Day Poppa…

Happy Father’s Day Poppa…

Happy Father’s Day Poppa…

I am the worst daughter ever.

I haven’t sent a card, I didn’t get a present.

I just love him.

So much.

In this life, my parents have been my heroes. My support. My everything.

Early days

I always know if I need anything…advice, smartening up or just a hug, I can go home to get it. Always.

They love me unconditionally, even when I am making bad decisions…or being a dumbass. Trust me, it happens.

Sometimes, I have been under some bad influence…


Or they just let me get away with too much, whichever. I think my Dad is actually taking a nap :)

He let me drive tractors…and jeeps on the logging roads, he always taught me to be independent, and to follow my dreams.

Donna on tractor

I have not been an easy daughter, I have  been challenging, stubborn and wild. I hope that over the years, I have made up for being the teenager from hell.

He likes to keep his eye on things, to make sure everyone is staying in line.

eye on things

He is the best grandpa ever. All of the boys adore him…he has been such a huge influence in their lives since they were born. I am so thankful for that, for the fact that they have had one man in their lives who has been consistent and there for them whenever they need him.

From the love for the wee prince…

Poppa and Theo

And how proud he is of Dylan…

Steve & Dylan

And of Colton too…

poppa and colton

He has passed on his love of gardening, his love of cars, his laughter, his sense of humor, his sense of right and wrong, his friendship and his advice.

We share jokes and love for weird stuff…that no one else gets…

land of point

He always has time to listen to your problems, even when he has problems of his own.

He is the best fisherman. Ever.

Just ask Colton…


He is smart.


Down to earth and humble.

Everything that a Dad should be.

When I think of him, my heart fills with love, admiration, pride…and gratitude that I am the lucky girl that gets to call him Daddy.

Happy Father’s Day Dad…I adore you more than words can ever say. xoxo

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